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Ivey-certified coaches contribute as professional partners in The Ivey Academy’s executive education programs and Ivey’s degree programs, in addition to their work with Canadian business executives. Ivey Academy coaches can be dropped into any team, organization, or situation and elevate performance.


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An advanced certification for Canada’s most effective executive coaches. Join Canada’s most advanced coaching program and elevate the performance of executives in the world’s most complex business arenas.

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Motivation Factor

Motivation Factor

Ivey Academy coaches are trained in Motivation Factor's methodology and tools, ready to work with clients, teams, and organizations on defining their own blueprint for motivation to help them quickly identify what to pursue – and what to avoid – to stay motivated in any context. To hire an Ivey Academy certified coach, visit the link below.

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Enable transformation

LIFT coaches are catalyzers of major impact. They are masterful provocateurs who support and challenge relationships, minds, systems, and behavior to generate deep transformation and future-altering performances.


Offer a broad repertoire with presence and flow

LIFT coaches creatively and intuitively employ their unique talents, strengths and knowledge with fluid, dynamic presence. They masterfully generate flow in their coaching interactions while understanding and focusing on exactly what their clients—leaders in the world’s most complex business arenas—need and want.


Can be embedded anywhere

LIFT coaches can be dropped into any team, organization, or situation and elevate performance. They confidently hold chaotic and intractable environments and people. They empower adaptive collaboration in ecosystems of professionals, enabling and stretching potential from everyone.

Ivey Academy coaches have mastery in five competency areas:


Catalyzing Human Development

Helping individual leaders stretch their potential


Fostering Healthy Systems

Enabling effective leadership in complex teams and full organizations


Transforming the Business

Challenging business ambition and sustainability


Engaging Impactful Processes

Empowering through facilitation, inquiry, and action learning


Nourishing the Self

Enhancing mindfulness and resilience, embracing coach-as-instrument

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