Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment-Workplace

What is the MEIA-W-R?

The Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment-Workplace-Revised (MEIA-W-R) is a personality-based measure of emotional intelligence (EI). EI allows individuals to perceive, understand, regulate, and express emotions. The MEIA-W-R tailors the content of the MEIA-R to assess EI in a work setting. Both versions assess 11 distinct aspects of emotional intelligence and can be completed in 15 minutes. The MEIA-W-R can be used to help:

  • Develop critical people skills
  • Identify problematic behaviours that undermine personal or working relationships
  • Enhance understanding of interpersonal dynamics

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What has changed from the MEIA-W?

  1. Broader EI Coverage. The MEIA-W-R captures broader coverage of the EI domain, with the addition of Delayed Gratification as a proximal outcome. Pursuing longer-term goals is often crucial to success, and requires a recognition of the benefits associated with sustained effort, as well as the ability to manage daily demands and distractions.
  2. Shorter Administration. The MEIA-W-R provides a shorter administration with fewer items, while remaining as reliable, valid, and trustworthy as the original MEIA-W.
  3. Updated Content. After undergoing extensive revisions, the MEIA-W-R contains updated item content that more accurately reflects the experiences of today's workers. We also updated the labels and definitions of some proximal outcome scales to more closely reflect their impact on performance in the workplace.

The Benefits of Using the MEIA-W-R

  1. DISTINCT. The MEIA-W-R is the only trait-based, self-report measure of EI that captures all 10 facets of Salovey and Mayer’s (1990) influential model of EI. The context-relevant questions were customized for work settings, which provides enhanced validity for assessing EI in the workplace.
  2. CONVENIENT. The MEIA-W-R can be administered in 15 minutes on SIGMA’s online platform – Reports are generated immediately. Results are presented using graphs, numbers, scale descriptions, and sample items that are insightful and easy to understand. Because each dimension of EI has implications for performance in the workplace, the MEIA-W-R report also includes developmental advice.
  3. SUPERIOR DEVELOPMENT. The MEIA-W-R was developed to overcome critical shortcomings found in many popular EI measures. Items were carefully developed, selected, and refined to minimize the influence of response bias that can significantly undermine the validity of test results. Unlike other popular measures, the MEIA-W was designed to reduce the effects of a) social desirability response bias (tendency to present oneself in a favorable light) and b) acquiescence response bias (tendency to positively endorse items even if not descriptive of the self).
  4. RELIABLE AND VALID. The MEIA-W-R is a reliable and valid measure of EI. Test norms for the MEIA-R are based on the responses of 363 individuals (55.6% male) with an average age of 38.96 years (SD=11.41). Norms for the MEIA-W-R are based on responses from 940 individuals (50.7% male, mean age = 39.34, SD = 11.21) from a variety of industries, including heath care, education, retail, and professional and technical services.

What does the MEIA-W-R Measure?


  • Recognition of the Emotion in the Self
  • Regulation of Emotion in the Self
  • Recognition of Emotion in Others
  • Regulation of Emotion in Others
  • Expressive Control
  • Empathy

Proximal EI

  • Trust in Intuition
  • Creative Thinking
  • Mood Redirected Attention
  • Motivation
  • Delayed Gratification


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