Discounts For Individual Programs

The Ivey Academy offers the following discounts for Leadership Suite, Focused Programs and select Industry-Specific Partner programs:

Discounts for alumni:

  • Ivey degree alumni – 25-per-cent discount
  • Ivey Academy/Executive Education alumni – 25-per-cent discount
  • Western degree alumni – 25-per-cent discount

Western University employees:

  • Current Western University employees – 40-per-cent discount

Charitable organizations:

  • Employees of charitable/not-for-profit organizations – 40-per-cent discount (a Charity Registration Number is required)

Team benefit

  • Three or more participants enrolled in one program session from the same organization – 25-per-cent discount

Programs with applicable discounts:

Leadership Suite

  • Ivey Executive Program
  • Ivey Leadership Program
  • Elevate: Virtual Leadership Program
  • Ivey Emerging Leaders Program

Focused Programs

  • Ivey Finance for Non-Financial Professionals
  • Ivey Communication and Leadership Presence Program
  • Ivey Strategic Business Negotiations Program
  • Ivey Performance Management Program
  • Managing for Innovation
  • Leadership Journey: Teams In Virtual Space
  • Leadership Journey: Finding Purpose Through Crisis

Industry-Specific Programs

  • Practice and Community Leadership for Family Physicians