Ivey Leadership Program

Build the interpersonal leadership skills needed to be effective in leading people and orchestrating change.

Who should attend?

Mid- to senior-level leaders with at least 10 years’ experience managing teams and direct reports.

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Program Overview

The shift from managing a team to leading within an organization can be difficult to navigate. With greater seniority comes greater responsibility. In order to deliver long-term results for both you and your organization, you need to lead, not manage.

Rising leaders need to shift their perspective to a wider lens – one that encompasses the entire organization. To really make an impact, you’ll need to amplify your interpersonal leadership skills – the soft skills that will differentiate you from the rest of the pack.

Building on your experience and analysis of your personal leadership style, the Ivey Leadership Program will help you develop your leadership potential. Armed with enhanced influence and persuasion skills – and the ability to think big picture – you will confidently make the shift from managing to leading.

Through case studies, experiential learning exercises, a 360-degree assessment and post-program coaching, you will journey to a deeper self-awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader. You’ll return to work with the skills you need to drive performance, orchestrate change, and develop a leadership culture within your organization.

What You Learn

Leading Individuals and Teams for Exceptional Performance

  • Performance management
  • One-on-one leadership
  • Choosing and developing leaders
  • Building exceptional teams

Strategic Leadership

  • The leadership role
  • Exceptional leadership
  • Managing your personal leadership development
  • Leading change

Interpersonal Leadership

  • Developing and getting commitment
  • Negotiating effectively
  • Leading through influence and persuasion

The Leadership Challenge

An important feature of the Ivey Leadership Program is an application project where you'll identify a specific challenge you're facing at work now or in the near future before the program begins. The project serves as an anchor throughout the program as you formulate and execute a plan to solve the challenge using what you've learned. Throughout the project, you will:

  • Apply new frameworks of thinking to persistent organizational challenges.
  • Receive objective advice and input from other leaders facing similar issues.
  • Return to work with a clear plan to lead change.
  • Deliver tangible value for your organization.

Following the program, we'll provide an executive coach to help you maintain the momentum you've generated in solving your leadership challenge. Our coaches are solely focused on helping you accomplish the goals you've identified that you were initially unable to address. Within two to three months after the program, you'll have taken concrete steps to solving this problem - a tangible outcome directly attributed to your program learning.

How You Learn

Ivey Academy programs are deeply experiential, grounded in case research, and facilitated by expert faculty from Ivey Business School. Our real-world Case Method of Learning is not about textbooks and lectures – it’s about learning by doing. You’ll identify specific, practical learning takeaways through deep discussion and simulations, then develop an implementation plan with feedback from other leaders. You’ll complete the program having gained new skills, heard insights from peers, and developed a clear strategy to tackle specific challenges back at work.

Self-paced Learning Activities

Prepare for live sessions using pre-recorded videos, readings, and case-studies – delivered at a flexible pace through our Canvas learning management system. Discuss ideas with your peers via a private forum and complete guided self-reflections to help apply key takeaways in your own role.

Live Faculty-led Sessions

Join live sessions featuring expert Ivey faculty using any computer or mobile device. With the help of a live technical director, we also call on the group to participate in real time.

Peer Learning Sessions

Virtual learning technology allows faculty to assign instant breakout groups during a larger session. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate to solve challenges together with your fellow participants.


Individual assessment tools enable deeper self-awareness, encouraging participants to reflect on their learning journey throughout the program. Apply valuable new personal discoveries to your constantly evolving identity as a leader.

Online Simulations

Facing a realistic simulated challenge, leaders can test action against immediate feedback. Played individually, simulations teach the application of concepts and frameworks in critical decision-making moments. Meanwhile, team-based simulations require participants to apply leadership skills and navigate team dynamics – just like in real life.

Program ROI

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What do I get?

After completing the Ivey Leadership Program, you'll receive an authentic digital artifact – also known as a badge. This badge showcases your achievements and commitment to professional development. You can share your accomplishment with your network by displaying digital badges on social media, websites, ePortfolios, professional networks, and email signatures. Included in your badge is a digital certificate. Your network will be able to view your personalized and authentic certificate through your online digital badge.

In addition to a digital badge, you will receive an Ivey Leadership Program Certificate of Completion, a powerful credential from the top business school in Canada.

Program Faculty

David Loree

David Loree


Lyn Purdy

Lyn Purdy


Session Dates

Module 1

Monday, September 20, 2021; 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

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Module 2

Tuesday, September 21, 2021; 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

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Module 3

Monday, September 27, 2021; 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

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Module 4

Monday, October 4, 2021; 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

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Module 5

Tuesday, October 5, 2021; 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

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Live Virtual Session

Program Fees

$8,000 CAD

Program fee includes all materials.

Program fees are tax exempt.

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