Strategic Thinking & Decision Making

Learn to evaluate position and evidence, assess opportunities, overcome decision traps, and plan strategic action to drive results.

Who should attend?

Leaders across different levels or departments of any organization who wish to increase their decision readiness and confidence.

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Program Content

Aware or not, leaders regularly make far-reaching decisions on behalf of their organizations; where to commit resources, when to take action, and how to set precedents. They analyze complex opportunities and problems, consider alternative points of view, and formulate well-reasoned arguments.

Strategic Thinking & Decision Making teaches individuals how – and when – to use, interpret, and evaluate evidence, assess business opportunities, identify critical issues, and articulate practical courses of action. Participants dissect their decision-making processes and discover decision traps or failures of reasoning like biases, mental short-cuts, and short-term thinking.

Throughout this program, you will hone your ability to think critically about decision analysis and make sound choices that position your organization for success. You will gain awareness about practical organizational and group decision-making approaches and understand the fundamental principles of behavioural economics and decision science.

What You Learn

Module 1: Interpreting Data, Processing Information & Making Decisions

Learning modes: self-paced learning activities, live case-based discussions led by faculty followed by peer-learning activities

  • Perceiving, using, and interpreting data in decisions
  • Understanding frames, biases, and rational decision-making
  • The importance of incorporating the role of emotions in decision making
  • System 1 AND System 2 thinking; situational assessment AND information seeking, unconscious AND mindful

Module 2: Trade-offs, Planning, and Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Learning modes: self-paced learning activities, live case-based discussions led by faculty followed by peer-learning activities

  • Acknowledging over-optimism in managerial project planning and prediction
  • Discerning noise vs. signal -- Managing complex information environments
  • Using reference-class or similarity-based forecasting
  • Accounting for uncertainty and ambiguity

Module 3: Scenario Planning and Strategic Thinking

Learning modes: self-paced learning activities, live case-based discussions led by faculty followed by peer-learning activities

  • Planning for the future in an uncertain world
  • How managers think about probabilities and present impact choices
  • The role of unlearning in strategic foresight

Module 4: Group Dynamics in Decision Making

Learning modes: Simulation, followed by live debrief sessions with faculty

  • The influence of politics, consensus and conflict in strategic decision making
  • Involving multiple stakeholders with different interests
  • Balancing competing loyalties of group membership and external shareholders

How You Learn

This program is delivered virtually over ____ weeks. Each module requires ___ commitment hours to complete.

The Ivey Academy is a centre for innovation in executive development – blending contemporary academic research with practical, case-based, experiential learning and real-world expertise. Participants come away with actionable business insights and access to a network of alumni that supports continuing individual growth.

We design and deliver virtual programs to achieve the same outcomes through highly interactive live sessions, small peer-learning groups, executive coaching, online simulations, and self-paced learning journeys.

Self-paced Learning Activities

Prepare for live sessions using pre-recorded videos, readings, and case-studies – delivered at a flexible pace through our Canvas learning management system. Discuss ideas with your peers via a private forum and complete guided self-reflection exercises to help apply key takeaways in your own role.

Live Faculty-led Sessions

Join live sessions featuring expert Ivey faculty using any computer or mobile device. With the help of a live technical director, we also call on the group to participate in real-time.

Peer Learning Sessions

Virtual learning technology allows faculty to assign instant breakout groups during a larger session. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate to solve challenges together with your fellow participants.

Program ROI

At the end of the program, participants walk away with the skillset for:

  • Evaluating evidence and predicting potential issues
  • Mitigating decision traps and failures of reasoning
  • Making strategic decisions in complicated circumstances
  • Modelling values-based objectives and strategic trade-offs
  • Managing stakeholders with conflicting interests
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What do I get?

After completing the Ivey Strategic Thinking & Decision Making Program, you'll receive an authentic digital artifact – also known as a badge. This badge showcases your achievements and commitment to professional development. You can share your accomplishment with your network by displaying digital badges on social media, websites, ePortfolios, professional networks, and email signatures. Included in your badge is a digital certificate. Your network will be able to view your personalized and authentic certificate through your online digital badge.

Program Faculty

Mazi Raz

Mazi Raz


Laurel Austin

Laurel Austin


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