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The Ivey Academy’s Team Programs are designed for organizations and teams with specific development goals in mind. Each pre-designed private program focuses on core leadership, business, and industry-specific skills. Work together as a team to solve real-world business case challenges. Explore new perspectives, improve communication, and form lasting relationships between colleagues, teams, and departments.

Ivey Executive Education Programs

Each of the following programs has been designed for specific learning outcomes by Ivey faculty. Whether you have 15 or 50 participants, we can deliver programs at your facility, in your city, or at our Toronto or London campuses, or in the virtual space ─ based on your preference and the most up-to-date social distancing guidelines.

Women in Leadership

Empowering women leaders.

Women in Leadership brings together women leaders who share similar career aspirations to deliver powerful leadership development with a team of women faculty and coaches.

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Predicting Success

Product development and performance in volatile markets.

Learn how to evaluate new product ideas, use AI and big data to develop customer insights, and predict launch trajectory within unconventional markets.

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People and Performance Management

Learn the skills required to lead for exceptional performance.

Work together with other managers to learn critical skills for people and performance leadership — finding practical approaches to real challenges.

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Frontline Supervisor Program

Learn foundational leadership, communication, and people skills to get the most from your team.

The Frontline Supervisor Program equips you with the necessary skills to be effective in a supervisory role.

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Managing Innovation

Why is innovation hard for organizations?

Explore different approaches to innovation, learn to avoid pitfalls, and tackle future challenges as an "innovation manager."

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Systems Design for an Interconnected World

Learn to apply systems design

Build a resilient, sustainable organization with contemporary insights on systems design from the Ivey Innovation Learning Lab.

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Design Thinking to Drive Innovation

Improve customer experience and create new opportunities by using the design thinking framework.

Improve the customer experience by ideating new market opportunities, and prototyping solutions that capitalize on those opportunities.

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Business Analytics: Data Modeling and Visualization

Actually, you can have all the answers.

Learn a number of analytics and data science concepts, how they’re used, and how you can benefit from them.

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Managing Business in the Era of Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence

Learn to apply practical data analytics in management.

This program gives a comprehensive overview of practical data analytics, as well as a hands-on look at the mechanics behind Artificial Intelligence.

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Analytics Fundamentals for Managers

Essential skills in analytics for business managers

Gain a robust familiarity with practical business analytics and enhance your decision-making with data-led strategies.

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Strategic Leadership: Transform Your Business by Leveraging Disruption

Learn how to harness the methods to successfully navigate disruption.

Lead your organization through disruption, use it to enhance your customer experience, and strengthen your organization.

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Leadership Journey: Teams in Virtual Space

Lead your remote team effectively

Find new ways of motivating better virtual team performance in the "new normal" — distanced, decentralized, and innovative.

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Leadership Journey: Finding Purpose Through Crisis

Reflect on your leadership journey

Find resilience through disruption. Level up your leadership capabilities and find your inner motivations to lead.

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Leadership Journey: Coaching Your Team

Add essential coaching tools to your leadership toolkit

Build coaching capabilities into your leadership approach. Engage and motivate your team members by coaching through disruption.

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Leadership Journey: Team Accelerator

Learn with your team and accelerate performance

Work together as a group to accelerate performance and navigate distanced work — while encouraging individual growth across your team.

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Financial Times Executive Education Rankings

In the Financial Times rankings of the world’s leading providers of customized and open-enrolment executive education programs, The Ivey Academy has been ranked #1 overall in Canada for 18 of the past 20 years. 

The rankings, based primarily on ratings provided by students and companies which have participated in the courses, include assessments of course design, faculty, teaching methods and facilities.

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