Manon Dulude

Executive Coach
Expertise: Mental Health, Government and Crown Corporations, Financial Services, Not-for-Profit, Professional Associations

Manon Dulude

Manon founded Forge Coaching and Consulting in 2005 and has developed an extensive practice working as a leadership coach to senior executives and key officials across many sectors including government, crown corporations, finance, IT, and not-for-profit. She has developed curriculum and delivered training programs to many organizations in the areas of leadership and team development, collaborative conflict resolution, effective communication, transition/change management, wellness, time and stress management, and organizational culture transition.

A registered psychotherapist, professional certified coach, and a core member of The Ivey Academy Coaching Network, Manon has more than 25 years of experience in the field of human development. Her vast experience as a mental health professional, working with individuals who want to overcome challenges - grief, burnout, relational conflict, depression/anxiety, divorce/life transition, and trauma – is invaluable and a differentiator in her day to day executive coaching business.

Following the completion of her Ph.D. in Human Development and Professional Coaching, Manon co-authored a coaching model - “The Coaching Continuum” – which assesses a client’s "coachability and readiness level." This information assists both coaches and clients to evaluate the client’s capacity to achieve the specific goals they have set out to for themselves, and to co-create a robust coaching plan to accomplish the desired objectives. As an associate faculty member of Impact Coaching Academy and Institute for Life Coach Training, Manon trains coaches in the use of the “Coaching Continuum Model.” She is also senior faculty member and a trainer with Coaching the Global Village.

Manon is trained in mediation and has extensive experience in the field of critical incident stress management and trauma recovery. She has a key strength is helping people become more agile in difficult interpersonal situations. In 1998, she was involved in supporting the search and rescue personnel of the Canadian Coast Guard during the Swissair disaster operation, and in 2001 witnesses/survivors to the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. Through these experiences, Manon has learned to support individuals and leaders as they face unusual levels of stress and crisis both in their businesses and their personal lives. Manon brings a special expertise in brief solutions-based coaching.

Manon is a PCC level credentialing assessor with the International Coach Federation and committed to support the growth of the coaching profession through coach mentoring.