Leadership Skills Profile

The LSP is a personality-based leadership assessment that provides a profile of expected leadership performance on up to 42 leadership competencies, including more global indices of technical, interpersonal, and overall expected performance.

The LSP is available as a Selection Report or a Focused Report. 

LSP Selection Report

The LSP Selection Report contains candid narrative text describing the implications of the candidate’s personality on their leadership behaviour. The report also identifies red flags capable of impeding success or derailing careers. It is ideally suited for:

  • Managers and HR practitioners looking to hire top performing leaders and executives
  • Hiring managers seeking to identify potential factors that contribute to leadership success and derailment
  • HR professionals and organizations searching for a valid leadership assessment to select candidates for succession planning and high potential programs

The LSP Selection Report is also customizable, allowing you to select only those competencies that align with your organizational requirements from the 42 competencies measured.

LSP Focused Report

The LSP Focused Report can be used in development contexts and provides participants with their top 10 strengths and best 10 opportunities for development. These can be identified from the 42 competencies or a more relevant subset, based on those identified as most relevant for effective performance in the role.

This LSP Focus Report is designed to jump-start leader development by focusing on competencies aligned with organizational needs and personal motivation. The development guide can be used as a resource to populate individual development plans and/or to deliver self-directed leadership development programs to large groups with limited resources.

Leadership Skills Profile Assessment

Focused Report Price - $125.00
Selection Report Price - $270.00

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