SIMPLE Succession Planning Workshop

A loss of key talent can create a catastrophic ripple throughout any organization that’s not prepared. It’s often not a question of if you will lose talent, but when. So, are you ready?

Formalizing your succession planning process can feel daunting and overwhelming. Your team already has so much to do and it’s difficult to even know where to start.

Our SIMPLE Succession Planning Workshop uses a practical framework over the course of a half-day to:

  • Identify the positions most critical to the success of your organization
  • Formalize your current process and enhance it to better align with industry best practices
  • Explore the future strategic direction of your organization and the impact it will have on your talent development needs
  • Understand the challenges unique to your organization and your industry

Following the workshop, you’ll also receive an actionable Succession Implementation Plan customized to your organization.

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