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Upcoming Programs

Senior Public Sector Leader Program

An intense, interactive learning experience based on the key challenges public sector leaders face.

AMCTO Executive Municipal Leadership Program

A highly immersive three-day program designed to hone the leadership skills of senior local government executives.

Business Analytics: Data Modeling and Visualization

What are business analytics and how are major companies extracting value from it? Learn how to use data analysis tools and frameworks successfully.

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Our programs will help you become a stronger leader.

Programs for Individuals and Teams

Entrenched in Ivey Business School’s real-world leadership approach, our programs will position you to make a higher, personal impact on your organization and make you more marketable.

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Custom Programs for Organizations

Our multi-cohort corporate academies or targeted single sessions embed essential skills and behaviours aligned with your organization’s unique strategy and culture to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Featured Articles

Harness the power of emerging technologies
10 Aug 2018

Harness the power of emerging technologies

Accenture's Jodie Wallis, Managing Director of Articifical Intelligence (AI) for Canada, talks about The Ivey Academy's Using AI and IoT for Creative Problem Solving program.

How to build emotional intelligence
9 Jul 2018

How to build emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the most powerful predictor of success and, unlike IQ, emotional intelligence can be improved through learning and practice.