Dec 11, 2017

Applying action learning in executive education

High intensity learning embedded in action and practice has the potential to transform lives, careers, and enterprises, both immediately and in the longer-term.
Nov 27, 2017

A teaching method to ensure maximum learning retention

In order for learning to stick – to actually have an impact on how people do things and make decisions – learning must be embedded in what people are doing and how they do it.
Nov 13, 2017

Ivey Executive Education hosts inaugural alumni event

Ivey Executive Education's inaugural alumni event on embedding leadership practices was held at Airship 37 in Toronto's historic Distillery District.
Oct 24, 2017

What do millennials want?

Organizations are fiercely competing to attract and retain elite millennial talent. To succeed, employers must focus on the only aspect of retention that separates millennials' needs from those of non-millennials.
Oct 10, 2017

Interview with Ivey Executive Education's Mark Healy (part three)

In the final installment of this three-part interview, Ivey Executive Education's Mark Healy talks about Ivey's faculty, custom program capabilities, and how success is measured from a custom program perspective.
Oct 3, 2017

Interview with Ivey Executive Education's Mark Healy (part two)

In part two of this three-part interview, Mark discusses the uniqueness of the Ivey Executive Education experience and how the learning that occurs during a program is accessible to all, regardless of educational background.
Oct 2, 2017

Ivey Executive Education partners with LEDC

The London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) and Ivey Executive Education have established a partnership to build leadership talent in London, Ontario.
Sep 26, 2017

Interview with Ivey Executive Education's Mark Healy (part one)

Ivey Executive Education's Mark Healy discusses the current state of executive education and how Ivey Executive Education is evolving as the top provider of both custom and open-enrolment programs in Canada.
Sep 6, 2017

Transitioning from a sales manager to a sales leader

Traditional sales training is not enough to equip salespeople with the tools to become successful sales leaders.
Jul 11, 2017

Ivey Business School launches six new Executive Education programs

Ivey’s new offerings seek to address trends and threats facing Canadian business community.