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Harness the power of emerging technologies

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  • Aug 10, 2018
Harness the power of emerging technologies

Jodie Wallis, Managing Director of Artificial Intelligence at Accenture Canada.

Accenture's Jodie Wallis, Managing Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Canada, talks about The Ivey Academy's Using AI and IoT for Creative Problem Solving program. An industry expert and faculty member of the program, Wallis has helped businesses realize the full power of AI to improve productivity, lower costs, and unlock growth opportunities.

How would you summarize the Using AI and IoT for Creative Problem Solving program's content and focus?
The program will focus on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, and Big Data. The focus will be on how these emerging technologies will impact business. We hope participants will leave with a foundational understanding of how these technologies work, but more importantly, learn tools to explore how they can leverage these technologies in their day-to-day roles and gain confidence to speak about the change that emerging technologies will drive in their industries.

What are some of the key themes covered in the program?
In addition to learning about new technologies, we want to give participants an introduction to the design thinking “mindset” and finding new ways to solve problems. We want to help participants to look at new technologies from a different perspective and help them to determine questions they should be asking within their own organizations.

How does the Using AI and IoT for Creative Problem Solving program stand out from similar programs in the market? 
There are two key reasons why our program stands out. First, we are the only course to bring the three areas of AI, IoT and Big Data together to create a holistic view of these technologies for the participant. The workshops we have seen will generally focus on one or two of the three, but we believe Applied Intelligence technologies are not independent of one another. There are several points of intersection and these technologies are at their most powerful when used together – so why teach them in silos?

The second element that sets Creative Problem Solving apart is that we will give participants experience by directly applying these technologies in class, using a real business problem. The case will expose participants to practical topics using experiential learning and use real data to generate new insights. Accenture subject matter experts will be in the room to guide participants through basic applications of AI, IoT and Big Data, while sharing best practices for each.

What type of person would benefit from this program?
This program is best suited for business leaders who are looking for ways to not only survive, but thrive in the digital age. There is no technical background required, because we will be covering the technologies from a business perspective.

Leaders from all business functions would benefit from enrolling in Creative Problem Solving, because Applied Intelligence has such a wide range of use cases. From reducing operating expenses and automating finance processes to optimizing marketing campaigns and creating customer service chat bots, we will show you how Applied Intelligence can transform your business function.

What are the concepts, tools, and techniques program participants can take away from the program and apply in their own lives?
On the technology side, we do not expect that participants will walk away as “experts” in how these technologies work. Rather, we hope that participants will be better prepared to talk about the impact of new technologies, understand questions they should be asking within their own organizations, and have a framework for evaluating new technologies in the future. On the creative problem-solving side, participants will leave with a new perspective on how they can tackle big problems in their organizations – and will leave with a set of tools, methods and resources to better facilitate these conversations.

What motivated you to develop the program?
We are thrilled to partner with Ivey to develop the program. We believe that the combination of Ivey educators and Accenture advisors will make for a unique learning experience for participants. We felt that there was a gap in the business world around adoption of these new technologies – to be able to fill that gap we need awareness of emerging technologies and its potential (as well as the technical skills to implement). To fill this gap, we saw an opportunity in the educational space. Many other executive education programs either did not have a technical element or if they had a technical element, it was focused on building a technical skill set. We wanted to develop a program with a business perspective that gives participants a practical way to approach and analyze new technologies.

What do you see as the ultimate impact of this program?
We are excited about the opportunity that emerging technologies bring to businesses and society. The ultimate impact of this program is to share our excitement and give people the confidence to talk about new technologies. We want to inspire the next generation of leaders to drive change in their organizations.

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