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Ivey’s Executive Education Programs

Ivey Executive Education will position you to make a higher, personal impact on your organization and make you more marketable. View our program portfolio designed to help advance your career.

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Leadership Suite

No matter what level of leadership you want to achieve, Ivey has a program that will equip you with the skills to turn concepts into decisions, knowledge into action and ideas into organizational change.

Ivey Executive Program

An intense, interactive learning experience based on the key challenges organizations face. Deepen your understanding of contemporary business issues.

Ivey Leadership Program

Build on your experiences to develop the insights, skills, and judgment required to be more effective at leading people and orchestrating change.

Ivey Frontline Leadership Program

Reach the next level of leadership by gaining a cross-functional perspective on strategy, leadership and communication.

Business Acumen

Our programs are rooted in the real world of business that you deal with every day. Choose the right program for your specific development needs and head back to work with the confidence to apply your new skills and learning immediately.

Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

Learn to apply accounting concepts to your strategic and operational decisions. Improve your ability to have a strong impact on your bottom line.

Communications and Executive Presence Program

Become an influential leader by improving your communication skills, through team exercises and interactive presentations.

Leading with Business Analytics

What are business analytics and how are major companies extracting value from it? Learn how to use data analysis tools and frameworks successfully.

Design Thinking: Driving Innovation

Improve the customer experience by ideating new market opportunities, and then prototyping solutions that capitalize on those opportunities.

Mastering FinTech: Strategies for the Future

Financial technology startups are disrupting banks and lenders through new, web-based products and services. This program teaches how to evaluate the threat from FinTech players, discover the opportunities, and build a response plan.

Strategic Leadership: Transform Your Business by Leveraging Disruption

The accelerated pace of digital change is bringing tremendous opportunities for business leaders who are prepared to guide their organizations through disruptive times. This program will help you successfully capitalize on technology-induced disruption and drive greater growth by enhancing your customers' experiences.

Ivey Sales Management Program

Strengthen your sales funnel, empower your team and remove barriers to success. Proven practical tools to improve sales team performance and drive growth.

Marketing: Understanding Your Consumer

Build stronger customer focused strategies that drive growth and customer loyalty.

Ivey Strategic Business Negotiations Program

Develop a practical and successful negotiation approach that can be applied in any context.

Industry-Specific Partner Programs

Deepen your expertise and drive immediate impact. Our partner programs combine Ivey’s experience in developing business leaders with practitioner-led, tailored content for specific industry needs.

Corporate Reputation Management

A collaboration with Navigator – a leading high-stakes communication firm – this program will help you learn how to plan, respond, and recover during situations where corporate reputation is threatened. You will also understand how to be ready and resilient – and who is responsible for what – during a business crisis.

AMCTO Executive Municipal Leadership Program

A highly immersive three-day program designed to hone the leadership skills of senior local government executives.


CommunityShift provides an excellent environment for C-level leaders of Canadian charities and not-for-profit organizations. Founded by KPMG Enterprise and Ivey Business School, this leadership development program abounds with challenging content, engaging learning, and talented facilitators.

QuantumShift™ for Entrepreneurs

In partnership with KPMG Enterprise, Ivey’s QuantumShift program for entrepreneurs is purpose-built to help improve your leadership style, inspire your business partners, and maximize your growth opportunities.


Managing a family business is unique, and complex. In partnership with KPMG Enterprise, this program focuses on strategies and tactics for addressing leadership, growth and family business ownership issues.

Senior Public Sector Leader Program

An intense, interactive learning experience based on the key challenges public sector leaders face.

CIRI/Ivey Investor Relations Certification Program

CIRI/Ivey Investor Relations Certification Program Be informed. Be Connected. Be Current. Be Certified. A program for Investor Relations professionals, delivered in partnership with the Canadian Investor Relations Institute, which allows participants to write the certification exam.