FamilyShift™ is a 5 day rigorous program designed and facilitated by the Ivey Business School, for individuals positioned to take a leading role in senior management, governance or ownership of their family business. Through a rich mix of case studies, break out groups, interactions with family business leaders/professionals and coaching sessions, participants will be exposed to a specific menu of concepts, learnings and ideas designed to enhance their overall abilities to make a successful transition.

Interested candidates must complete an application form and be nominated by an Ivey Business School, KPMG Enterprise or Dynamic Legacy representative. The final program admission decisions belong to the Ivey Business School.

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September 18 - September 22, 2017
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$3,950* CDN
(Program fee includes all daytime meals, materials.)

*Thanks to the generous support of KPMG, Ivey and other sponsors a subsidy has been provided for all participants reducing the program cost to $3,950.

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To obtain more information, please click on the Enroll Now button on the right and fill out the required fields. A KPMG Enterprise professional will follow up with you to continue the application process. The deadline for applications is Friday, June 30, 2017. If you have any questions, please contact: Bev Johnson

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Day 1 - Family Business Foundation

The first day will focus on the big picture – looking at strategic framing, understanding your context, and outlining an understanding of family businesses and their differences from other businesses. In the evening, we’ll focus on communication by incorporating the Insights Discovery profiles of participants and creating self-awareness while providing strategies for effective teaming with others.

Day 2 - The Language of Family Business

Every participant needs the fundamentals. The morning will provide easily processed business and financial acumen. The afternoon will explore the concepts of trust in the family business and outline best practices to address trust erosion issues. Over Days 2 and 3, guest speakers from family businesses will join the evening sessions to share their stories of identifying role and changing it when necessary. Participants will also engage in group presentation work in the evenings of Days 2 and 3.

Day 3 - Establishing Family Business Framework

The third day will focus on traditional family business frameworks, including accountability, governance, and leadership. Participants will explore a full spectrum of possible types and reasons to broaden and change structures (growing families, ownership transitions). In the evening, participants will work in groups to determine best practices for their own family businesses.

Day 4 - Exploring Family Business Futures

The morning will be a lively discussion around risk management in family businesses and will cover the following: family law; investments; external, reputational, and identity risk; and business contingency, continuity and succession vulnerabilities. The afternoon will focus on family business futures through innovation and next generation entrepreneurship. The evening session will be an interactive panel of professional advisors answering your questions about tax, accounting, law, and investments.

Day 5 - Group Presentations and Course Wrap-Up

The morning will provide each group the opportunity to present and share their learning on a chosen topic. A course wrap up will follow outlining the learning continuum within family business, followed by a social lunch to end the curriculum.

   Day 1 Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5 
 AM  Arrival Lunch

Business & Financial Literacy - Guest Lecture

Accountability Risk Management Project Team Presentation & Course Wrap UP 

Program Overview Family Business

Trust - Guest Lecturer Governance & Leadership Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Family Business Closing Lunch

Communication & Project Team Assignment

Role - Guest Speaker Role - Guest Speaker Interacting with Professionals Reception FREE

What makes Ivey different is what makes us so successful. Our Case-Method Learning is not about textbooks and lectures, but a learning experience energized by discussion and debate among experienced participants and Ivey’s world-class faculty. By taking on real challenges, you will gain practical hands-on experience that will transform your leadership abilities. This kind of transformation can only happen at Ivey, an innovator in executive education since 1948. Ivey has worked with many organizations in emerging markets, established markets, and public and private sectors around the world. And our results speak for themselves: Ivey Executive Education is ranked as one of the top Executive Education providers globally by Financial Times.

1. What is expected of participants?

To bring an open mind and willingness to participate. This program is an experiential, interactive and high energy week. People who are accepted into the program should be prepared to fully attend and be 'present' in each session.

2. How is the program marked/ Is there an exam?

No. There is not an exam and no 'mark' is provided in evaluation. The emphasis is 100% participation. All participants will have to be present and participate from the beginning to the end. Only people who agree to a cell phone free environment and to attend every module will be selected.

3. How is this different than an MBA [BA, CFA]?

The focus is on the world through the filter of family business. We will not cover numerically focused curriculum and no ratio's , equations or math will form part of the program. Global best practices for successful operational families and foundational principles on Leadership, Governance, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Family Business will be explored. It is unlikely that any of the curriculum has been covered in any standard MBA, BA, or CFA material.

4. What do I get out of the program?

All participants will enjoy a curated program and result.This will include: Personalized profile, mapping of the Family and Business, group participation, presentation, speaking in class, and week long participation in a study group focusing on effective teaming.

5. We are a private family, and don't want to share our family or business details.

All participants sign a confidentiality clause protecting any of the personal details shared during the program. We don't require participants to share with the class-at-large any business or family details. We use break out groups effectively to ensure companies in the same industry or sector do not participate in the same discussions. Participants are encouraged to share their observations or experiences and how it makes them feel.

David  Simpson

David Simpson: Faculty Director

David Simpson is a London based financier with a broad range of business experiences and a passion for Entrepreneurship. He has financed and operated a diverse range of businesses including restaurants, golf courses, aircraft leasing, oil field serves and retail. He completed an undergraduate degree (Political Science) by part time study while he played professional hockey. Upon retirement from hockey, he completed an MBA at the Ivey Business School in 1988. Upon graduation, he began his career as an entrepreneur engaging in all aspects of corporate finance in the small business sector. In 1989, he was the co-founder of The New Enterprise Workshop, one of the earliest attempts (supported by the Provincial Government) to support fledgling entrepreneurs. As an operator himself in a "Family Business," he is keen to support Ivey's efforts to understand and support learning in this vital sector of the Canadian economy. As a practicing entrepreneur, he has a passion to promote this lifestyle choice at Ivey.

Susan Fulford

Susan Fulford

Susan’s passion is helping business families create sustainable Legacies that preserve relationships, business, and wealth. Susan has broad experience in the investment, legal and family business fields. As founder of Dynamic Legacy Inc., she provides collaborative and independent advisory services for Single, Multi & Global Family Offices and Business Families. After ten years in the investment advisory industry, most recently as Vice President & Senior Manager of Ultra High Net Worth Advisory Group of TD Wealth Advisory Services working with TD Canada Trust’s most accomplished families, she now focuses on structuring customized business family solutions. Susan grew up in a family business, worked as a lawyer in private practice for five years, and then global business for ten years, including a two year European engagement for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu working with the world’s leading financial institutions in asset management, banking & insurance. She helped negotiate to close the deal on family business. Driven by values-based decision making, she helps others navigate and create the futures they want. Susan received her LL.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School and an Executive MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, and is a Family Enterprise Advisor ™ and member of the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors (IFEA). She has appeared on BNN and has been interviewed for various media & publications including The Globe & Mail and Investment Executive. Dynamic Legacy Inc. has partnered with IVEY Business School to offer “Family Enterprise Stewardship: Preparing the Next Gen” a customized week long intensive program providing the fundamentals needed to achieve successful wealth & business transitions. Returning adjunct professor at Schulich School of Business and session leader for Canadian Association of Family-Owned Enterprises (CAFE), knowledge transfers and gathering best practices are a key objective. Susan pursues a variety of charitable pursuits that reflect her goal of purposeful philanthropy.