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Ivey Executive Program Tutorial

Optional Accounting and Financial Analysis Tutorial

Ivey's Accounting and Financial Analysis tutorial prepares participants who have limited background and experience in the area for the more in-depth accounting and finance content covered during the Ivey Executive Program. A basic understanding of the fundamentals of accounting and financial analysis is essential to maximize the learning experience during the Ivey Executive Program.

It is strongly recommended for those participants without a finance background and can also serve as a useful review for those with some accounting and finance experience. The tutorial is an excellent introduction to the Ivey case study methodology, as well as directly linking the material contained in the tutorial to the participants' sponsoring organizations.


  • The Accounting Model: The Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows from a user perspective
  • The Basics of Financial Accounting and underlying management choice
  • Using Key Ratios to Understand Financial Performance
  • Building a business case for Long Term Investments
  • Understanding Cost Behaviour and Cost Allocation
  • Financial Forecasting and Credit Conversations