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Throughout Ivey's 80-year history, the School has formed partnerships with major corporations and alumni to support research and development. Our partners fund individual case writing and research activities and support major projects.

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The centres and institutes of Ivey Business School produce world class research in topics such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, investing, leadership, digital banking, and agriculture.

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How Influential is Marketing Thought?
17 Apr 2019

How Influential is Marketing Thought?

In a sophisticated topic modelling analysis of general business publications over the last century, Ivey researchers show that marketing as a discipline is increasingly influential to both general and quantitative practice, and is likely to become more important.

Immigration and Entrepreneurial Activities
10 Apr 2019

Immigration and Entrepreneurial Activities

The share of immigrants in a country positively relates to the creation, growth, and export activities of new firms, especially in countries with positive attitudes towards immigrants.