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Dusya Vera

Professor, Organizational Behaviour

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Research Publications

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Dusya Vera is a Professor in Organizational Behaviour 

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Sturm, R. E.; Vera, D.; Crossan, M. M., 2017, "The Entanglement of Leader Character and Leader Competence and its Impact on Performance", Leadership Quarterly, June 28(3): 349 - 366.
  • Krylova, K. O.; Vera, D.; Crossan, M. M., 2016, "Knowledge Transfer in Knowledge-Intensive Organizations: The Crucial Role of Improvisation in Transferring And Protecting Knowledge", Journal of Knowledge Management, October 20(5): 1045 - 1064.
  • Vera, D.; Crossan, M. M.; Rerup, C.; Werner, S., 2014, "Thinking Before Acting’ or Acting Before Thinking’: Antecedents of Individual Action Propensity in Work Situations", Journal of Management Studies, December 51(4): 603 - 633.
  • Jansen, J.; Vera, D.; Crossan, M. M., 2009, "Strategic Leadership for Exploration and Exploitation: The Moderating Role of Environmental Dynamism", Leadership Quarterly, February 20(1): 5 - 18.
  • Crossan, M. M.; Vera, D.; Nanjad, L., 2008, "Transcendent Leadership: Strategic Leadership in Dynamic Environments", Leadership Quarterly, October 19(5): 569 - 581.
  • Vera, D.; Crossan, M. M., 2005, "Improvisation and Innovative Performance in Teams", Organization Science, June 16(3): 203 - 224.
  • Crossan, M. M.; Vieira Da Cunha, J.; Vera, D.; Pina E Cunha, M., 2005, "Time and Organizational Improvisation", Academy of Management Review, January 30(1): 129 - 145.
  • Vera, D.; Crossan, M. M., 2004, "Theatrical Improvisation: Lessons for Organizations", Organization Studies, December 25(5): 727 - 749.
  • Vera, D.; Crossan, M. M., 2004, "Strategic Leadership and Organization Learning", Academy of Management Review, December 29(2): 222 - 240.

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