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Dusya Vera

Professor, Strategy & General Management

Executive Director, Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership
Ian O. Ihnatowycz Chair in Leadership

Dusya Vera

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Dusya Vera is a Professor of Strategy and the Executive Director of the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership.  Prior to joining the Ivey Business School in 2022, she was on the faculty of the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston in the Department of Management & Leadership for 20 years.

Dusya's research is in the areas of strategic leadership, leader character, improvisation, and organizational learning. She has published in top academic and practitioner publications such as the Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Annals, Organization Science, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, The Leadership Quarterly, Organization Studies, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Management Learning, among others. She also enjoys writing practitioner-oriented articles, which have been published in journals such as Organizational Dynamics and Business Horizons.

She is currently an Associate Editor of The Leadership Quarterly and an editorial board member of the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, Journal of Business Research, and Management Learning. She has served on the Editorial Board of journals such as The Academy of Management Review, The Academy of Management Journal, The Leadership Quarterly, Management Learning, and IEEE Transactions of Engineering Management. She is a member of the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society.

Throughout her career, Dusya is an award-winning teacher, teaching courses at the undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and executive level in the areas of strategic management and strategic leadership. She has extensive experience in Executive Development. She has also received multiple awards in the areas of research and service.


  • Cross-Enterprise Leadership

Programs Taught

  • MBA
  • HBA


  • BS, Engineering, Polytechnic University, Ecuador
  • Certificate, MIS, Martin Luther Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
  • MBA, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • PhD, Western University, Canada

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Crossan, M. M.; Nguyen, B.; Vera, D. V.; Sturm, R. E.; Pardo, A. R., 2023, "Leader Character in Engineering Projects: A Case Study of Character Activation, Contagion, and Embeddedness", IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
  • Vera, D. V.; Crossan, M. M., 2023, "Character-enabled improvisation and the new normal: A paradox perspective", Management Learning, February 54(1): 77 - 98.
  • Vera, D. V.; Crossan, M., (Forthcoming), "Character-infused improvisation", Management Learning
  • Miller, C.; Chiu, S. S-C.; Wesley II, C. L.; Vera, D. V.; Avery, D. R., 2022, "Cognitive Diversity at The Strategic Apex: A review and critique of four decades of research", Academy of Management Annals, August 16(2): 806 - 852.
  • Crossan, M. M.; Nguyen, B.; Sturm, R. E.; Vera, D. V.; Ruiz Pardo, A.; Maurer, C. C., 2022, "Organizational learning through character-based judgment", Management Learning
  • Vera, D. V.; Bonardi, J-P.; Hitt, M. A.; Withers, M. C., 2022, "Extending the boundaries of strategic leadership research", The Leadership Quarterly, June 33(3)
  • Maldonado, T.; Vera, D. V.; Spangler, W. D., 2021, "Unpacking humility: Leader humility, leader personality, and why they matter", Business Horizons, February 65(2): 125 - 137.
  • Tabesh, P.; Vera, D. V., 2020, "Top managers' improvisational decision-making in crisis: a paradox perspective", Management Decision, November 58(1): 2235 - 2256.
  • Evans, K.; Salaiz, A.; Pathak, S.; Vera, D. V., 2020, "Community Influential Directors and Corporate Social Performance", Business & Society, October 61(1): 225 - 263.
  • Vera, D. V.; Samba, C.; Kong, T.; Maldonado, T., 2020, "Resilience as thriving: The role of positive leadership practices", Organizational Dynamics
  • Salaiz, A.; Evans, K.; Pathak, S.; Vera, D. V., 2020, "The impact of corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility on firm performance: New insights to an old question", Organizational Dynamics, April 49(2): 100698 - 100698.
  • Sturm, R. E.; Vera, D. V.; Crossan, M. M., 2017, "The Entanglement of Leader Character and Leader Competence and its Impact on Performance", Leadership Quarterly, June 28(3): 349 - 366.
  • Krylova, K. O.; Vera, D. V.; Crossan, M. M., 2016, "Knowledge Transfer in Knowledge-Intensive Organizations: The Crucial Role of Improvisation in Transferring And Protecting Knowledge", Journal of Knowledge Management, October 20(5): 1045 - 1064.
  • Vera, D. V.; Crossan, M. M.; Rerup, C.; Werner, S., 2014, "Thinking Before Acting’ or Acting Before Thinking’: Antecedents of Individual Action Propensity in Work Situations", Journal of Management Studies, December 51(4): 603 - 633.
  • Jansen, J.; Vera, D. V.; Crossan, M. M., 2009, "Strategic Leadership for Exploration and Exploitation: The Moderating Role of Environmental Dynamism", Leadership Quarterly, February 20(1): 5 - 18.

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  • University of Houston, USA 2002-2022
  • Instituto de Desarrollo Empresarial (IDE), Ecuador
  • Polytechnic University (ESPOL), Ecuador
  • Guayaquil Stock Exchange, Ecuador
  • Pacific Bank, Ecuador
  • Consulcoti, Ecuador

Research/Course Development

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Leader Character
  • Organizational Learning
  • Improvisation
  • Strategic Management
  • Global Leadership

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