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Adrian B. Ryans

Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

Adrian Ryans is a professor emeritus of marketing at the Ivey Business School.

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Green, D. H.; Barclay, D. W.; Ryans, A. B., 1995, "Entry Strategy and Long-Term Performance: Conceptualization and Empirical Examination", Journal of Marketing, January 59(4): 1 - 16.
  • Ryans, A. B.; More, R. A.; Hulland, J. S., 1995, "Profitable Multibranding", Journal of Brand Management, January (3): 183 - 196.
  • Green, D. H.; Ryans, A. B., 1990, "Entry Strategies and Market Performance Causal Modeling of a Business Simulation", Journal of Product Innovation Management, January 7: 45 - 58.
  • Ryans, A. B., 1990, "Strategic Market Entry Factors and Market Share Achievement in Japan", Journal of International Business Studies, January 19(3): 389 - 409.
  • Day, G. S.; Ryans, A. B., 1988, "Using Price Discounts for a Competitive Advantage", Industrial Marketing Management, January 17(1): 1 - 14.
  • Ryans, A. B.; Weinberg, C. B., 1987, "Territory Sales Response Models: Stability Over Time", Journal of Marketing Research, May 24: 229 - 233.
  • Ryans, A. B.; Weinberg, C. B., 1981, "Sales Force Management: Integrating Research Advances", California Management Review, January 24(1): 75 - 89.
  • Day, G. S.; Ryans, A. B.; Deutscher, T. H., 1976, "Data Quality, Level of Aggregation, and Nonmetric Multidimensional Scaling Solutions", Journal of Marketing Research, February 13(1): 92 - 97.

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