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Andreas P.J. Schotter

Professor, General Management & International Business

Andreas Schotter

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  • Emerging Markets
  • International Business
  • Strategic Management in the Multinational Enterprise
  • Boundary Spanning Leadership
  • Business System Disruption

Research Publications

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A dual Canadian and German citizen, Dr. Andreas Schotter is a Professor of Global Strategy and General Management at the Ivey Business School. He holds the F.W.P. Jones Faculty Fellowship. He is also a John H. Dunning Fellow at Henley Business School at the University of Reading in the UK and a Professor of International Business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). Before joining the faculty at Ivey, Andreas served on the faculty of the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona. The Wall Street Journal has named him twice WSJ Distinguished Professor of the Year. He has lived and worked in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA.

As an international strategy and leadership expert, Andreas helps students, executives, and organizations understand the challenges and opportunities posed by the rapidly evolving global economy. He specializes in how to drive the agile decision-making that will prevail in today’s complex and turbulent world. His current areas of endeavor include the development of strategies for success in the era of exponential change, business system disruption, the internationalization strategies of digital firms, boundary-spanning leadership, and the Future of Work.

Andreas’s career is underpinned by substantial prior practical executive experiences. Before transitioning to academia, he held senior executive roles in several multinational corporations in the luxury consumer goods, automotive, and industrial machinery industries. This practical experience not only informs his teaching but also enhances his credibility as a global strategy and leadership expert.

Andreas' contributions to the field of global strategy and leadership are not confined to the classroom. His research has been published in top management journals such as the MIT Sloan Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Perspectives, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, and others. He has also authored numerous book chapters, a book on management frameworks, and more than 25 cases, several of them bestsellers. In addition to his scholarly work, he actively collaborates with multinational corporations and not-for-profit organizations worldwide on their global strategies, business model transformations, and leadership. His insights are sought after by national and international media.


  • Global Strategy (MBA)
  • Ivey Global Lab (MSC)
  • CEMS Block Seminar (MSC)


  • Master in Business Economics, University of Kassel, Germany
  • EMBA, Ivey Hong Kong
  • Ph.D. Ivey/Western University

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Li, L.; Schotter, A.; Beamish, P. W., 2024, "The origin and nationality of general manager successors in local-market-seeking subsidiaries of MNEs", International Business Review, June 33(3)
  • Delios, A.; Li, J.; Schotter, A.; Vrontis, D., 2024, "Challenging the orthodoxy in international business research: Directions for “new” research areas", Journal of World Business, June 59(4)
  • Andrews, D. S.; Fainshmidt, S. F.; Schotter, A.; Gaur, A., 2024, "Formal Institutional Context in Global Strategy Research: A Layer Cake Perspective", Global Strategy Journal, February 14(1): 3 - 24.
  • Andrews, D. S.; Nell, P.; Schotter, A.; Laamanen, T., 2023, "And the subsidiary lives on: Harnessing complex realities in the contemporary MNE", Journal of International Business Studies, April 54(3): 538 - 549.
  • Schotter, A.; Stallkamp, M.; Hunt, R. A., 2022, "Scaling, fast and slow: The internationalization of digital ventures", Journal of Business Research, July 146: 95 - 106.
  • Fainshmidt, S. F.; Andrews, D. S.; Gaur, A.; Schotter, A., 2021, "Recalibrating Management Research for the post-COVID Scientific Enterprise", Journal of Management Studies, July 58(5): 1416 - 1420.
  • Schotter, A., 2021, "Resilient or Not: Boundary-Spanning in Innovation Focused MNEs During Global Crises", Critical Perspectives on International Business, May 17(2): 342 - 358.
  • Stallkamp, M.; Schotter, A., 2021, "Platforms Without Borders? The International Strategies of Digital Platform Firms", Global Strategy Journal, February 11(1): 58 - 80.
  • Schotter, A.; Meyer, K. E.; Wood, G., 2021, "Organizational and comparative institutionalism in international HRM: Toward an integrative research agenda", Human Resource Management, January 60(1): 205 - 227.
  • Schotter, A.; Stallkamp, M., 2021, "Why Don't They Venture Abroad? Digital Ventures and Foreign Markets", Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research: 279 - 284.
  • Lorenzen, M.; Mudambi, R.; Schotter, A., 2020, "International connectedness and local disconnectedness: MNE strategy, city regions and disruption", Journal of International Business Studies, October 51: 1199 - 1222.
  • Meyer, K. E.; Li, C.; Schotter, A., 2020, "Managing the MNE subsidiary: Advancing a multi-level and dynamic research agenda", JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, June 51(4): 538 - 576.
  • Saranga, H.; Schotter, A.; Mudambi, R., 2019, "The Double Helix Effect: Catch-up and local-foreign co-evolution in the Indian and Chinese automotive industries", International Business Review, October 28(5)
  • Stallkamp, M.; Pinkham, B. C.; Schotter, A.; Buchel, O., 2018, "Core or Periphery? The Effects of Country-of-Origin Agglomerations on the Within-Country Expansion of MNEs", Journal of International Business Studies, October 49(8): 942 - 966.
  • Schotter, A.; Buchel, O.; Vashchilko Lukoianova, T., 2018, "Interactive visualization for research contextualization in international business", Journal of World Business, April 53(3): 356 - 372.

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Honours & Awards

  • Wall Street Journal Distinguished Professor of the Year (2011).
  • Wall Street Journal Distinguished Professor of the Year (2010).
  • Strategic Management Society Meeting 2011, Nominated for Best Paper Award for Practical Implication.
  • Thunderbird School of Global Management; True Spirit of Giving Faculty Award (2011). (This award is closely linked with Thunderbird’s core values.)
  • Top 10 Best Selling Cases Award (Carrefour: Building a Green Store in China), Ivey Publishing (2010).
  • Top 15 Best Selling Cases Award in Entrepreneurship (Coral Divers Resort), ECCH (2010).
  • Academy of Management Best Reviewer Award (IB) Annual Meeting (2009, 2010).
  • Winner of Administrative Sciences Association of Canada 2007 Conference Best Student Paper Award (International Business Division).


  • Assistant Professor of Strategic Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management (2009 – 2013)
  • Partner & Director, Greenhalgh Asia Pacific Pty Limited (2004 – 2008)
  • Regional Managing Director Asia-Pacific, Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau GmbH (2000 – 2004)
  • General Manager (China), Linde AG (1998 - 2000)
  • Business Development Manager Asia-Pacific, Linde AG, (1996-1998)
  • Marketing and Sales Controller North America Region, Volkswagen AG, (1996-1997)
  • Area Sales Manager: Lancaster Cosmetics Group, Germany (1988-1990)

Research/Course Development

  • Multinational Enterprise Evolution and Subsidiary Development
  • Strategic Change in Multinational Enterprises
  • Boundary Spanning Leadership in MNEs
  • Emerging Markets Strategy

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