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Bob Andersen

Professor, Business, Economics and Public Policy, Strategy & Sustainability

Bob Andersen

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  • Public Policy
  • Statistics
  • Survey Methods
  • Political Economy
  • Inequality
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Cross-national differences in Values and Behaviours

Research Publications

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Bob Andersen is Professor of Business, Economics and Public Policy, and Professor of Strategy. He is also cross-appointed in the Departments of Sociology, Political Science, and Statistics and Actuarial Science. His previous appointments include Associate Dean (Faculty) at Ivey, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science at Western University, Distinguished Professor of Social Science at the University of Toronto, Senator William McMaster Chair in Political Sociology at McMaster University, and Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford.

Much of Andersen’s recent research has explored the cross-national relationships between economic conditions, especially income inequality, and a wide array of attitudes and behaviours important for liberal democracy and a successful business environment, including social trust, tolerance, civic participation, support for democracy and attitudes toward public policy. He is also currently examining the changing role of university education in stratification and social mobility in the US, the impact of student debt on occupational outcomes, and the relationship between firm inequality and diversity on productivity. His published research includes Modern Methods for Robust Regression (Sage, 2008), and more than 70 academic papers including articles in the Annual Review of Sociology, American Journal of Political Science, American Sociological Review, British Journal of Political Science, British Journal of Sociology, Journal of Politics, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, and Sociological Methodology.

Andersen has provided consulting for the United Nations, the European Commission, the Canadian Government and the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada. In 2017, Andersen received the Canadian Sociological Association Outstanding Contribution Award in recognition of significant research contributions to Canadian sociology and 'exceptional scholarly merit' over the course of his career.


  • Ph.D, McMaster University
  • MA, University of Western Ontario
  • BA, University of Western Ontario

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Dangur-Levy, S.; Andersen, R.; Holm, A., 2023, "Sources of mathematics self-efficacy: The interactive role of parental education and perceptions of teachers", Can Rev Sociol., November 60(4): 668 - 685.
  • Holm, A.; Hjorth-Trolle, A.; Andersen, R., (Forthcoming), "Lagged Dependent Variable Predictors, Classical Measurement Error, and Path Dependency: The Conditions Under Which Various Estimators are Appropriate", Sociological Methods & Research: 00491241231176845 - 00491241231176845.
  • Avan, A.; Hachinski, V.; Aamodt, A. H.; Alessi, C.; Ali, S.; Alladi, S.; Andersen, R.; Anderson, K. K.; Azarpazhooh, M. R.; Bassetti, C. L. A., et al., 2022, "Brain health: Key to health, productivity, and well-being", Alzheimer's and Dementia, July 18(7): 1396 - 1407.
  • Andersen, R.; Curtis, J.; Brym, R., 2021, "Public support for social security in 66 countries: Prosperity, inequality, and household income as interactive causes", British Journal of Sociology
  • Andersen, R.; Holm, A.; Côté, J. E., 2021, "The student mental health crisis: Assessing psychiatric and developmental explanatory models", Journal of Adolescence, January 86: 101 - 114.
  • Andersen, R.; Yaish, M., 2018, "Preferences for the distribution of incomes in modern societies: The enduring influence of social class and economic context", Canadian Public Policy-Analyse De Politiques, June 44(2): 190 - 205.
  • Andersen, R.; Brym, R., 2017, "How Terrorism Affects Attitudes toward Democracy: Tunisia in 2015", Canadian Review of Sociology, November 54(4): 519 - 529.
  • Zhang, T. H.; Brym, R.; Andersen, R., 2017, "Liberalism and Postmaterialism in China: The Role of Social Class and Inequality", Chinese Sociological Review, January 49(1): 65 - 87.
  • Brym, R.; Andersen, R., 2016, "Democracy, women’s rights, and public opinion in Tunisia", International Sociology, May 31(3): 253 - 267.
  • Andersen, R.; Curtis, J., 2015, "Social Class, Economic Inequality, and the Convergence of Policy Preferences: Evidence from 24 Modern Democracies", Canadian Review of Sociology, August 52(3): 266 - 288.
  • Sealey, A.; Andersen, R., 2015, "Income inequality and popular support for redistributive policies in Canada, 1993-2008", Canadian Public Policy, March 41(1): 51 - 64.
  • Milligan, S.; Andersen, R.; Brym, R., 2014, "Assessing Variation in Tolerance in 23 Muslim-Majority and Western Countries", Canadian Review of Sociology, January 51(3): 239 - 261.
  • Yaish, M.; Andersen, R., 2012, "Social mobility in 20 modern societies: The role of economic and political context", Social Science Research, May 41(3): 527 - 538.
  • Andersen, R.; Curtis, J., 2012, "The polarizing effect of economic inequality on class identification: Evidence from 44 countries", Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, March 30(1): 129 - 141.
  • Andersen, R., 2012, "Support for democracy in cross-national perspective: The detrimental effect of economic inequality", Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, January 30(4): 389 - 402.

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Honours & Awards

  • Outstanding Career Contribution Award, Canadian Sociological Association, 2017
  • Premier’s Research Excellence Award, Government of Ontario, 2006
  • Frank L Wilson Prize for Best Paper (with Jocelyn Evans), American Political Science Association, 2005
  • British Elections and Parties Review Best Paper Award (with Geoffrey Evans), Political Studies Association (UK), 2003
  • Alfred Hunter Memorial Award for Excellence in Dissertation Research, McMaster University, 1998
  • American Sociological Association/ICPSR Clifford Clogg Award, 1996

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