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Brandon Schaufele

Associate Professor, Business, Economics and Public Policy

Director, Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre
Energy Consortium Fellowship

Brandon Schaufele

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  • Agricultural Economics
  • Energy Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Law and Economics
  • Regulation

Research Publications

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Brandon Schaufele is the Director of the Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre and an Associate Professor of Business, Economics, and Public Policy at the Ivey Business School. Prior to coming to Ivey, Brandon was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa, as well as Research Director of the university’s Institute of the Environment. Brandon’s areas of expertise are regulation and energy, environmental and agricultural economics. He has published in a range of leading academic journals including, among others: the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Energy Economics and the American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Brandon served as Research Director of a national environmental policy think-tank and was Chair of the Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Association. He is currently an Officer and Treasurer of the Canadian Economics Association. Brandon has testified before provincial and federal governments, participated in hearings on major energy projects, consulted for a wide array of companies and law firms on a range of policy topics. Finally, he hosts of the podcast Ergs and Equilibrium.


  • Global Macroeconomics for Managers (HBA II)
  • Microeconomics for Managers (HBA II)
  • Special Topics in Statistics (PhD)
  • Economics, Markets and Strategy (MBA)


  • PhD, MA, HnrsBSSc

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Schaufele, B., 2023, "Merger Bonds: A New Remedy for an Old Problem", Canadian Competition Law Review, June 36(1): 29 - 45.
  • Schaufele, B.; Winter, J., 2023, "Production Controls in Heavy Oil and Bitumen Markets: Surplus Transfer Due to Alberta’s Curtailment Policy", Energies, February 16(3)
  • Schaufele, B., 2022, "Curvature and Competitiveness: Carbon Taxes in Cattle Markets", American Journal Of Agricultural Economics, August 104(4): 1268 - 1292.
  • Rao, V. K.; Schaufele, B., 2021, "Interacting Corporate Political Activities with Evidence from the Tobacco Industry", Business and Politics, December 23(4): 456 - 473.
  • Schaufele, B., 2021, "Lessons from a Utility-Sponsored Revenue Neutral Electricity Conservation Program", Energy Policy, March 150
  • Rivers, N.; Saberian, S.; Schaufele, B., 2020, "Public transit and air pollution: Evidence from Canadian transit strikes", Canadian Journal of Economics, December 53(2): 496 - 525.
  • Heyes, A.; Rivers, N.; Schaufele, B., 2019, "Pollution and Politician Productivity: The Effect of PM on MPs", Land Economics, May 95(2): 157 - 173.
  • Fremeth, A.; Richter, B. K.; Schaufele, B., 2018, "Spillovers from Regulating Corporate Campaign Contributions", Journal of Regulatory Economics, December 54(3): 244 - 265.
  • Rivers, N.; Schaufele, B., 2017, "Gasoline Price and New Vehicle Fuel Efficiency: Evidence from Canada", Energy Economics, October 68: 454 - 465.
  • Rivers, N.; Schaufele, B., 2017, "New Vehicle Feebates", Canadian Journal of Economics, February 50(1): 201 - 232.
  • Schaufele, B., 2016, "Taxes, Volatility and Resources in Canadian Provinces", Canadian Public Policy, December 42(4): 469 - 481.
  • Fremeth, A.; Richter, B. K.; Schaufele, B., 2016, "Motivations for Corporate Political Activity", Advances in Strategic Management, May 34: 161 - 191.
  • Schaufele, B.; Rivers, N., 2015, "Salience of Carbon Taxes in the Gasoline Market", Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, November 74(1): 23 - 36.
  • Rivers, N.; Schaufele, B., 2015, "The Effect of Carbon Taxes on Agricultural Trade", Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, May 63(2): 235 - 257.
  • Fremeth, A.; Richter, B. K.; Schaufele, B., 2013, "Campaign Contributions over CEOs' Careers", American Economic Journal-Applied Economics, July 5(3): 170 - 188.

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  • Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Ottawa, 2011-2014
  • Research Director, Sustainable Prosperity, 2011-2014
  • Senior Analyst, Litigation Support, MNP LLP, 2005-2006

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