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Chris Higgins

Professor Emeritus, Information Systems

Chris Higgins

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  • Work/Family Issues in Canadian Workplace

Research Publications

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Chris A. Higgins is a Professor at the Ivey Business School. Prior to joining the Ivey Business School, Higgins taught at the University of Waterloo and McMaster University. He earned a B. Math in Statistics, an M. Math in Statistics and a Ph.D. in Management Sciences, all from the University of Waterloo.

Higgins' research focuses on the impact of technology on individuals, including such areas as champions of technological innovation, alternative work arrangements, and, most recently, work and family issues and their impact on individuals and organizations. Together with Linda Duxbury of Carleton University, they have conducted three national studies (1990, 2000, 2011) concerned with work and family and eldercare issues. They have also conducted in-house surveys of 40+ companies. In total they have collected data from over 150,000 Canadians.


  • Developed high-level course for Ph.D. statistics
  • Developed entry-level course for MsC program.


  • BMath, University of Waterloo
  • MMath, University of Waterloo
  • PhD, University of Waterloo

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Duxbury, L. E.; Higgins, C. A.; Smart, R.; Stevenson, M., 2014, "Mobile Technology and Boundary Permeability", British Journal of Management, July 25(3): 570 - 588.
  • Higgins, C. A.; Duxbury, L. E.; Julien, M., 2014, "The relationship between work arrangements and work-family conflict", WORK-A Journal of Prevention Assessment & Rehabilitation, June 48(1): 69 - 81.
  • Kelley, H.; Compeau, D. R.; Higgins, C. A.; Parent, M., 2013, "Advancing Theory through the Conceptualization and Development of Causal Attributions for Computer Performance Histories", Data base for Advances in Information Systems, August 44(3): 8 - 33.
  • Compeau, D. R.; Marcolin, B.; Kelley, H.; Higgins, C. A., 2012, "Generalizability of Information Systems Research Using Student Subjects - A Reflection on Our Practices and Recommendations for Future Research", Information Systems Research, December 23(4): 1093 - 1109.
  • Duxbury, L. E.; Higgins, C. A.; Smart, R., 2011, "Elder Care and the Impact of Caregiver Strain on the Health of Employed Caregivers", WORK-A Journal of Prevention Assessment & Rehabilitation, August 40(1): 29 - 40.
  • Breward, K.; Breward, M. C.; Higgins, C. A., 2011, " Diversity issues in information technology education: The role of cultural values in predicting training preferences and subsequent training effectiveness ", Review of Business Research, March 11(2): 9 - 38.
  • Lyons, S.; Duxbury, L. E.; Higgins, C. A., 2010, "Work Values: Development of a New Three-Dimensional Structure Based on Confirmatory Smallest Space Analysis Work Values", Journal of Organizational Behavior, November 31(7): 969 - 1002.
  • Higgins, C. A.; Duxbury, L. E.; Lyons, S., 2010, "Coping with Overload and Stress: Men and Women in Dual-Earner Families", Journal of Marriage and Family, July 72(4): 847 - 859.
  • Cinite, I.; Duxbury, L. E.; Higgins, C. A., 2009, "Measurement of Perceived Organizational Readiness for Change in the Public Sector", British Journal of Management, May 20(2): 265 - 277.
  • Dong, L.; Neufeld, D. J.; Higgins, C. A., 2009, "Top Management Support of Enterprise Systems Implementations", Journal of Information Technology, March 24(1): 55 - 80.
  • Dong, L.; Neufeld, D. J.; Higgins, C. A., 2008, "Testing Klein and Sorra's Innovation Implementation Model", Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, December 25(4): 237 - 255.
  • Neufeld, D. J.; Dong, L.; Higgins, C. A., 2007, "Charismatic Leadership and User Acceptance of Information Technology", European Journal of Information Systems, December 16(4): 494 - 510.
  • Duxbury, L. E.; Lyons, S.; Higgins, C. A., 2007, "Dual-Income Families in the New Millennium: Reconceptualizing Family Type", Advances in Developing Human Resources, November 9(4): 472 - 486.
  • Compeau, D. R.; Meister, D. B.; Higgins, C. A., 2007, "From Prediction to Explanation: Reconceptualizing and Extending the Perceived Characteristics of Innovating", Journal of the Association for Information Systems, August 8(8): 409 - 439.
  • Lyons, S.; Duxbury, L. E.; Higgins, C. A., 2007, "An Empirical Assessment of Generational Differences in Basic Human Values", Psychological Reports, August 101: 339 - 352.

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  • Professor, Ivey Business School, Western University
  • Associate Professor, Ivey Business School, Western University
  • Assistant Professor, Ivey Business School, Western University
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences, University of Waterloo

Research/Course Development

  • Developed practical statistics course for MBA and EMBA students
  • Developed high level statistics course for Ph.D. students

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