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Deishin Lee

Associate Professor, Operations Management & Sustainability

Deishin Lee

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  • Sustainable Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Strategy

Research Publications

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Deishin is an Associate Professor in the Operations Management and Sustainability groups at Ivey. Deishin uses an operational lens to study sustainability problems, focusing on how resources can be utilized more effectively, thereby avoiding waste. She studies field-based problems in a number of different industries including food, energy, high tech, and industrial manufacturing. Deishin also has a stream of research on the management of information and technology in a network environment.

Prior to joining Ivey, Deishin was on the faculty at Harvard Business School and Boston College. Before her doctoral studies, she worked in the telecommunications industry in the area of manufacturing and product development.


  • HBA

Programs Taught

  • HBA


  • Ph.D., Operations, Information, and Technology, Stanford University
  • S.M., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • S.M., Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • S.B., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Ata, B.; Tongarlak, M.; Lee, D.; Field, J., (Forthcoming), "A Dynamic Model for Managing Volunteer Engagement", Operations Research
  • Lee, D., 2023, "Transforming food supply chains for sustainability", Journal of Supply Chain Management, October 59(4): 79 - 92.
  • Agrawal, V.; Lee, D., 2019, "The Effect of Sourcing Policies on Suppliers’ Sustainable Practices", Production and Operations Management, April 28(4): 767 - 787.
  • Ata, B.; Lee, D.; Sönmez, E., 2019, "Dynamic Volunteer Staffing in Multicrop Gleaning Operations", Operations Research, March 67(2): 295 - 597.
  • Lee, D.; Sönmez, E.; Gómez, M.; Fan, X., 2017, "Combining Two Wrongs to Make Two Rights: Mitigating Food Insecurity and Food Waste through Gleaning Operations", Food Policy, April 68: 40 - 52.
  • Lee, D.; Tongarlak, M. H., 2017, "Converting Retail Food Waste into By-Product", European Journal of Operational Research, March 257(3): 944 - 956.
  • Lee, D.; Ata, B.; Tongarlak, M. H., 2017, "Mechanisms for Increasing Sourcing from Capacity-Constrained Local Suppliers", Decision Sciences, February 48(1): 108 - 149.
  • Sonmez, E.; Lee, D.; Gomez, M. I.; Fan, X., 2016, "Improving Food Bank Gleaning Operations: An Application in New York State", American Journal of Agricultural Economics, March 98(2): 549 - 563.
  • Ata, B.; Lee, D.; Tongarlak, M. H., 2012, "Optimizing Organic Waste to Energy Operations", Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, March 14(2): 231 - 244.
  • Lee, D., 2012, "Turning Waste into By-Product", Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, March 14(1): 115 - 127.
  • Lee, D.; Van den Steen, E., 2010, "Managing Know-How", Management Science, February 56(2): 270 - 285.
  • Lee, D.; Mendelson, H., 2008, "Divide and Conquer: Competing with Free Technology under Network Effects", Production and Operations Management, February 17(1): 12 - 28.
  • Lee, D.; Mendelson, H., 2007, "Adoption of Information Technologies under Network Effects", Information Systems Research, December 18(4): 395 - 413.

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  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research Affiliate, Visiting Assistant Professor,
  • Boston College, Assistant Professor
  • Harvard Business School, Assistant Professor
  • Motorola, Staff Engineer

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