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Don W. Barclay

Professor Emeritus

Ivey Eminent Teaching Professor Emeritus

Don W. Barclay

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  • Business-to-Business Marketing and Sales
  • Sales Management
  • Team Selling and Selling Alliances

Donald W. Barclay is an Ivey Eminent Teaching Professor Emeritus at the Ivey Business School. He currently designs, directs and teaches custom Executive Education Programs for Ivey clients such as Syngenta and Siemens. Before joining the Ivey Business School, he was Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Business at Memorial University in Newfoundland, where he taught marketing and management information systems. He earned a BSc (Hons.) in Chemistry from Bishop's University, an MBA from McMaster University, an MA in Psychology, and a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Michigan.

His research interests are in the area of business-to-business or industrial marketing. Specifically, he is interested in the dynamics of how organizations make buying decisions and how organizations can be more effective in their use of selling teams and how marketing and sales can work better together to create value. Articles related to his research have appeared e.g., in the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, and the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing.

Barclay has extensive experience in sales and account management with IBM Canada Ltd., where he received the Vice-President and General Sales Manager's Award for Marketing Excellence. Barclay has been a consultant in sales management, strategic account management and marketing strategy to such companies as Syngenta, Cargill Limited, Royal Bank and Siemens.


  • BSc, Hons. - Bishop's
  • MBA, McMaster
  • MA, Michigan
  • PhD, Michigan

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Hulland, J. S.; Nenkov, G. Y.; Barclay, D. W., 2012, "Perceived marketing-sales relationship effectiveness: a matter of justice", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, June 40(3): 450 - 467.
  • Plouffe, C. R.; Sridharan, S.; Barclay, D. W., 2010, "Exploratory Navigation and Salesperson Performance: Investigating Selected Antecedents and Boundary Conditions in High-Technology and Financial Services Contexts", Industrial Marketing Management, May 39(4): 538 - 550.
  • Barclay, D. W.; Deutscher, T. H.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2007, "Business Marketing in Master's Programs: A Part of the Fabric", Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, January 14(1): 31 - 52.
  • Plouffe, C. R.; Barclay, D. W., 2007, "Salesperson Navigation: The Intraorganizational Dimension of the Sales Role", Industrial Marketing Management, January 36(4): 528 - 539.
  • Barclay, D. W.; Bunn, M. D., 2006, "Process Heuristics in Organizational Buying: Starting to Fill a Gap", Journal of Business Research, January 59(2): 186 - 194.
  • Smith, J. B.; Barclay, D. W., 1999, "Selling Partner Relationships: The Role of Interdependence and Relative Influence", Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, January 19(4): 21 - 40.
  • Barclay, D. W.; Smith, J. B., 1997, "Effects of Organizational Differences and Trust on the Effectiveness of Selling Partner Relationships", Journal of Marketing, January 61(1): 3 - 21.
  • Chan, Y. E.; Huff, S. L.; Barclay, D. W.; Copeland, D., 1997, "Business Strategic Orientation, IS Strategic Orientation, and Strategic Alignment", Information Systems Research, January 8(2): 125 - 150.
  • Barclay, D. W.; Ryan, M. J., 1996, "Microsegmentation in Business Markets: Incorporating Buyer Characteristics and Decision-Oriented Determinants", Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, January 3(2): 3 - 35.
  • Green, D. H.; Barclay, D. W.; Ryans, A. B., 1995, "Entry Strategy and Long-Term Performance: Conceptualization and Empirical Examination", Journal of Marketing, January 59(4): 1 - 16.
  • Barclay, D. W.; Higgins, C. A.; Thompson, R. L., 1995, "The Partial Least Squares Approach to Causal Modeling: Personal Computing Adoption and Use as an Illustration", Technology Studies, January 2(2): 282 - 324.
  • Barclay, D. W.; Smith, J. B., 1993, "Team Selling Effectiveness: A Small Group Perspective", Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, January 1(2): 3 - 32.
  • Barclay, D. W., 1992, "Organizational Buying Outcomes and Their Effects on Subsequent Decisions", European Journal of Marketing, January 26(4): 48 - 64.
  • Large, D. W.; Barclay, D. W., 1992, "Technology Transfer to the Private Sector: A Field Study of Manufacturer Buying Behavior", Journal of Product Innovation Management, January 9: 26 - 43.
  • Barclay, D. W., 1991, "Interdepartmental Conflict in Organizational Buying: The Impact of the Organizational Context", Journal of Marketing Research, January 28(2): 145 - 159.

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  • Management Consultant
  • Adjunct Professor, Thunderbird
  • Assistant Dean and Associate Professor, Memorial University
  • National Account Manager, IBM Canada

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