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Eric A. Morse

Professor, Entrepreneurship

Executive Director, Western Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship Powered by Ivey
Morrissette Chair in Entrepreneurship

Eric A. Morse

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  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Entrepreneurial Cognition / Expertise
  • Corporate Venturing

Research Publications

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Eric Morse is the Executive Director of the Western Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship Powered by Ivey Business School. Eric is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and also holds the Morrissette Chair in Entrepreneurship. He currently serves as Special Advisor to the President and Director of Entrepreneurship at Western University. In this position, Eric also serves as Chair of the Western Entrepreneurship Steering Team. Eric served as Associate Dean Programs for a six-year term, which ended in 2014. Prior to his service as Associate Dean, Eric served as the Inaugural Director of the Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship, a post he returned to July 1, 2015. Dr. Morse is the founder of and the Academic Director for, Ivey and KPMG Enterprise’s QuantumShift Program for Exceptional Entrepreneurs. Over its twenty-year lifetime, the QuantumShift Program has inspired over 600 of Canada’s best and brightest entrepreneurs onto even greater success.

Eric’s research has been published in top journals around the world including: the Academy of Management Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, the Journal of Business Venturing, the Journal of Management, The Strategic Management Journal and the Sloan Management Review. In the most general sense Eric pursues research questions with three foci: the entrepreneur, the venture and the venture context. However, his emphasis has been on the entrepreneur, and Entrepreneurial Cognition is his main area of study. Dr. Morse was an early participant in this area of study within the entrepreneurship field.

Eric’s work with business leaders has been widely cited by CBC News, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Financial Post Magazine, Vancouver Sun, The South China Morning Post, Chatelaine, and Cosmopolitan (HK).

Eric has served on the board, been an advisor to, founded, or been an investor in a variety of entrepreneurial start-ups. Dr. Morse actively consults with both private and public enterprises across Canada and around the world. He has worked with a diverse range of corporate clients on strategy, strategic planning, growth and innovation.


  • ENT 422 - Entrepreneurship: Creativity, Opportunity and Expertise
  • ENT 432 - The Entrepreneurial Manager
  • MBA 557 - Mini module and IPE design and delivery
  • HBA 300 - Entrepreneurship Mini Module and IPE design and delivery
  • ENT 420/620 - New Venture Project
  • ENT 580 - Mini module on entrepreneurship 6 classes across 4 sections
  • IEMBA - JDI Cohort - Innovation

Programs Taught

  • Executive Education


  • PhD
  • MBA
  • BSIE

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Lim, D. S. K.; Morse, E. A.; Yu, N., 2020, "The Impact of the Global Crisis on the Growth of SMEs: A Resource System Perspective", International Small Business Journal, September 38(6): 492 - 503.
  • Lim, D. S. K.; Celly, N.; Morse, E. A.; Rowe, W. G., 2013, "Rethinking the Effectiveness of Asset and Cost Retrenchment: The Contingency Effects of a Firm’s Rent Creation Mechanism", Strategic Management Journal, January 34(1): 42 - 61.
  • Lim, D. S. K.; Morse, E. A.; Mitchell, R. K.; Seawright, K.; Kristie, K., 2010, "Institutional Environment and Entrepreneurial Cognitions: A Comparative Business Systems Perspective", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, May 34(3): 491 - 516.
  • Morse, E. A.; Fowler, S. W.; Lawrence, T., 2007, "The Impact of Virtual Embeddedness on New Venture Survival: Overcoming the Liabilities of Newness", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, March 31(2): 139 - 159.
  • Mitchell, R. K.; Busenitz, L. W.; Bird, B.; Gaglio, C. M.; McMullen, J. S.; Morse, E. A.; Smith, J. B., 2007, "The central question in entrepreneurial cognition research 2007", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, January 31(1): 1 - 27.
  • Lawrence, T. B.; Morse, E. A.; Fowler, S. W., 2005, "Managing your portfolio of connections", MIT Sloan Management Review, December 46(2): 59 - 65.
  • Mitchell, R. K.; Busenitz, L. W.; Lant, T.; McDougall, T.; Morse, E. A.; Smith, B., 2004, "The Distinctive and Inclusive Domain of Entrepreneurial Cognition Research", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, December 28(6): 505 - 518.
  • Fowler, S. W.; Lawrence, T.; Morse, E. A., 2004, "Virtually Embedded Ties", Journal of Management, October 30(5): 647 - 666.
  • Mitchell, R. K.; Morse, E. A.; Sharma, P., 2003, "The Transacting Cognitions of Nonfamily Employees in the Family Businesses Setting", Journal of Business Venturing, January 18(4): 533 - 551.
  • Mitchell, R. K.; Busenitz, L. W.; Lant, T.; McDougall, P.; Morse, E. A.; Smith, B., 2002, "Toward a Theory of Entrepreneurial Cognition: Rethinking the People Side of Entrepreneurship Research", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, December 27(2): 93 - 104.
  • Mitchell, R. K.; Smith, B.; Morse, E. A.; Seawright, K.; Peredo, A. M.; MacKenzie, B., 2002, "Are Entrepreneurial Cognitions Universal? Assessing Entrepreneurial Cognitions Across Cultures", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, July 26(4): 9 - 32.
  • Mitchell, R. K.; Smith, J. B.; Seawright, K.; Morse, E. A., 2000, "Cross-Cultural Cognitions and the Venture Creation Decision", Academy of Management Journal, December 43(5): 974 - 993.
  • Morse, E. A.; Mitchell, R. K.; Smith, J. B.; Seawright, K., 1999, "Cultural Values and Venture Cognitions on the Pacific Rim", Global Focus, December 11(4): 135 - 153.
  • Sorenson, R. L.; Morse, E. A.; Savage, G., 1999, "A Test of the Motivations Underlying Choice of Conflict Strategies in the Dual-Concern Model", International Journal of Conflict Management, December 10(1): 25 - 44.

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  • Associate Dean - Programs, Ivey Business School (Present - )
  • Director Driving Growth through Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cross Enterprise Centre (2005-2008)
  • J.R. Shaw Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Owned Business; Executive Director of the Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship - Ivey Business School, Western University (2002-2008)
  • Assistant Professor Faculty of Business, University of Victoria (1998-2002)
  • Visiting Lecturer Faculty of Business, University of Victoria (1996-1998)

Research/Course Development

  • Entrepreneurial Cognition
  • Entrepreneurial Expertise
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Corporate Venturing
  • Sustainability of the Entrepreneurial Firm
  • International Entrepreneurship

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