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Erik Bohlin

Professor, Business, Economics and Public Policy

Chair in Telecommunication Economics, Policy and Regulation, BEPP

Erik Bohlin

Contact Information

Erik Bohlin is an expert in telecommunications policy, an inter-disciplinary topic concerned with the impact of digitalization in the economy and society. Erik holds the Ivey Chair in Telecommunication Economics, Policy and Regulation. Its purpose is to enhance Ivey’s research in the area of economic, policy, regulatory, and investment environments of Canada’s digital and telecommunication market. He is Editor-in-Chief of Telecommunications Policy, a premier journal in the field. He is on leave as Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. His graduate degree is in Business Administration and Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics (1987) and his Ph.D. is from Chalmers University of Technology (1995). He is a Member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering, and Past Chair of the International Telecommunications Society, an inter-disciplinary professional society convening conferences on the evolving digital society and policy needs. The Chair is funded by the Ivey Business School as well as by support, from Bell Canada and TELUS, to Western University.


  • Business Administration and Economics - Stockholm School of Economics
  • PhD - Chalmers University of Technology

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Bohlin, E.; Cappelletti, F., 2024, "Editorial: Policy for 5G and 6G", Telecommunications Policy, March 48(2): 102721 - 102721.
  • Bohlin, E.; Napoli, P. M.; Neogi, P.; Strover, S.; Wu, PhD, I. S., 2022, "50th Anniversary of TPRC—Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy: Looking Ahead to the Next 50 Years", Journal of Information Policy, December 12: 1 - 36.
  • Bohlin, E., 2022, "Editorial: Digital societies and industrial transformations: ITS 23rd Biennial Conference", Telecommunications Policy, June 46(5): 102362 - 102362.
  • Bauer, J. M.; Bohlin, E., 2022, "Regulation and innovation in 5G markets", Telecommunications Policy, May 46(4): 102260 - 102260.
  • Hasbi, M.; Bohlin, E., 2022, "Impact of broadband quality on median income and unemployment: Evidence from Sweden", Telematics and Informatics, January 66
  • Hanafizadeh, P.; Shafia, S.; Bohlin, E., 2021, "Exploring the Consequence of Social Media Usage on Firm Performance", Digital Business, October 1(2)
  • Feijóo, C.; Kwon, Y.; Bauer, J. M.; Bohlin, E.; Howell, B.; Jain, R.; Potgieter, P.; Vu, K.; Whalley, J.; Xia, J., et al., 2020, "Harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Increase Wellbeing for all: The case for a new technology diplomacy", Telecommunications Policy, July 44(6)
  • Vu, K.; Hanafizadeh, P.; Bohlin, E., 2020, "ICT as a Driver of Economic Growth: A survey of the literature and directions for future research", Telecommunications Policy, March 44(2): 101922 - 101922.

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  • Editor-in-Chief of Telecommunications Policy
  • Member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Past Chair of the International Telecommunications Society
  • Professor at Chalmers University of Technology (on leave)
  • Expert roles to government and industry (including a tenure as Special Advisor to European Commissioner on Media and IT)

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