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Ian Dunn


Co-Director, Business Foundations Program

Ian Dunn

Contact Information

Ian joined Ivey as a faculty member in 2007. He is a lecturer in the Business Foundations department and his teaching has covered a wide variety of introductory business topics, such as financial accounting, managerial accounting, finance, marketing and strategy. Ian has a BA in Business Administration and a Masters in Business Administration, both from Western University. Prior to his teaching career, Ian worked for General Electric in the equipment, finance and lending division.

Ian also shares the role of Faculty Director of the Business Foundations department with Julie Gosse. Ivey’s Business Foundations courses are available to university students from all faculties at Western. These courses are designed to appeal to students who are interested in learning about business and/or students who intend to apply to Ivey’s HBA program after their first two years of university.


  • Bus1220E – Introduction to Business
  • Bus2257 – Accounting and Business Analysis
  • Business 1299E – Business for Engineers
  • Business 2299E – Business for Engineers
  • Business 2295F – Business for Science Students


  • HBA, Ivey
  • MBA, Ivey

Honours & Awards

  • Western University Students’ Council Teaching Honour Roll
  • Brescia University College Dean’s Teaching Honour Roll

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