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Jean-Louis Schaan

Professor Emeritus, General Management, International Business & Strategy

Jean-Louis Schaan

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  • Joint Ventures and Alliances
  • International Business
  • Strategic Management

Research Publications

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Prior to joining Ivey, he was Director of the University of Ottawa's Executive MBA Program. Professor Schaan had a 20-year career at the University of Ottawa as a professor and as an administrator. He has taught in all academic programs, managed the School's Management section and run the bilingual International MBA Program. Professor Schaan started his academic career at the School of Business at Queen's University.

Professor Schaan holds a Ph.D. in strategic management from the Ivey Business School at Western University and an MBA from the School of Management at the University of Ottawa. He is a graduate from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP).

He has won teaching awards at both Ivey and the University of Ottawa.

Jean-Louis focuses his research on strategic alliances and project management. In collaboration with Micheál Kelly he has conducted studies about the management and implementation in strategic alliances in the high technology sector. With Christian Navarre he has studied approaches to project management from a CEO's perspective. The research investigated how managers form portfolios of projects and tailor management approaches to specific configurations of project profiles.
Prof. Schaan, has extensive teaching experience in both degree and non-degree executive education. He is the Faculty Director for the Ivey Executive Program (IEP), a three-week executive program, and for the Environment Canada Business Literacy Program (one week). Teaching in executive programs in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, he has made a contribution to education that encompasses the globe. 
Jean-Louis has co-authored the books Cases in Alliance Management: Building Successful Alliances and Le partenariat: stratégies et modes opératoires. In addition to teaching, he advises executives internationally and has over twenty years' experience serving on the Board of Directors of companies.


  • International Management, HBA, MBA, EMBA
  • Strategic Management, IEP

Programs Taught

  • Executive Education


  • Dipl. ESCP, Paris
  • MBA, Ottawa
  • PhD, Western

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Fathallah, R.; Branzei, O.; Schaan, J-L., 2018, "No place like home? How EMNCs from hyper turbulent contexts internationalize by sequentially arbitraging rents, values, and scales abroad", Journal of World Business, November 53(5): 620 - 631.
  • Plourde, Y.; Parker, S. C.; Schaan, J-L., 2014, "Expatriation and its Effect on Headquarters Attention in the Multinational Enterprise", Strategic Management Journal, June 35(6): 938 - 947.
  • Tanganelli, D.; Schaan, J-L., 2014, "Japanese Subsidiaries in the European Union: Entry Modes and Performance", Cogent Economics & Finance, June 2(1): 1 - 10.
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  • Wang, H.; Schaan, J-L., 2008, "How Much Distance Do We Need?: Revisiting the 'National Cultural Distance Paradox'", Management International Review, September 48(3): 263 - 277.
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  • Schaan, J-L., 1986, "Turning a Joint-Venture into a Successful Marriage", University of Ottawa Quarterly, December 56(4): 177 - 190.

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