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J.E. (Jim) Hatch

Professor Emeritus, Finance

J.E. (Jim) Hatch

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  • Case Method of Teaching
  • China

Hatch has written over 170 cases and technical notes and is the co-author of several case books. He has also written several books dealing with the capital markets, small business finance and commercial banking as well as a number of journal articles. He has served on the boards of a variety of academic, private sector and public service organizations.

His research interests are focused on the utilization of the case method in teaching and the theory and practice of learning and teaching. In the past five years this has resulted in two books (both in Mandarin and one printed in English) dealing with the utilization of the case method in China co-authored by Professor Fengli Mu of the China University of Politics and Law in Beijing. It has also resulted in four refereed journal articles. He has a variety of research in progress. Two projects involve literature reviews on the case method. The first is a review of innovations in the case method over the last two decades. The second is a review of empirical research on the efficacy of the case method. With regard to teaching and learning three projects are underway. The first is the development of a new theory of experiential learning. The second is an empirical study of the role of reflection in experiential learning. The third is an empirical study of the challenges facing Chinese students studying abroad.  He is a frequent visitor to China and is interested in business education within a Chinese context.


  • B. Com, Saskatchewan
  • MBA, McMaster
  • PhD, Michigan

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Hatch, J. E.; Mu, F., 2021, "Becoming a Teacher Scholar: The Perils and Promise of Meeting the Promotion and Tenure Requirements in a Business School", Journal of Management Education, April 45(2): 293 - 318.
  • Mu, F.; Hatch, J. E., 2019, "Accelerating the introduction of the case method into Chinese business schools: an action research approach", Educational Action Research, October 28(4): 609 - 625.
  • Mu, F.; Hatch, J. E., 2019, "Managing a short international study trip: The case of China", International Journal of Educational Management, September 34(2): 386 - 396.
  • Mu, F.; Hatch, J. E., 2019, "Grading and interim feedback processes for a case method course", Journal of Education for Business, April 34(2): 386 - 396.
  • Mu, F.; Hatch, J. E., 2016, "Exploring the Logic of Modern Education", Zhejiang Academic Journal, November 6(221): 24 - 29.
  • Hatch, J. E.; White, R. W., 1986, "A Canadian Perspective on Canadian and United States Capital Market Returns: 1950-1983", Financial Analysts Journal, December 42(3): 60 - 69.

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