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J.S. (John) Haywood-Farmer

Professor Emeritus, Operations Management

J.S. (John) Haywood-Farmer

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  • Inventory Management
  • Managing Service Operations
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Managing Professional Service Firms
  • Service Quality

John S. Haywood-Farmer is a Professor Emeritus of Operations Management at  Ivey Business School. Prior to joining the school, Haywood-Farmer earned his PhD degree in Chemistry at the University of British Columbia and taught for six years at Bishop's University. He earned an MBA from Western University and taught operations management at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. He conducted his post-doctoral research at the University of Florida.

Haywood-Farmer's research interests are devoted to developing measurement scales for service quality and professionalism, developing frameworks for analyzing and measuring service quality and productivity, and evaluating the impact of automation on service.


  • BSc, UBC
  • MSc, UBC
  • PhD, UBC
  • MBA, Western

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Calvert, A.; Haywood-Farmer, J. S., 1997, "Sowerby, Saines & Caddick - The Marketing Effort", Journal of Accounting Case Research, January 4(1): 119 - 131.
  • Haywood-Farmer, J. S.; Nollet, J., 1994, "Professional Service Firms and Total Quality Management: A Good Fit?", Journal of Service Management, January 5(3): 5 - 13.
  • Nollet, J.; Haywood-Farmer, J. S., 1991, "A Model of Productivity in Public Service", Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, January 8(1): 9 - 17.
  • Haywood-Farmer, J. S.; Stuart, F. I., 1990, "An Instrument to Measure the 'Degree of Professionalism' in a Professional Service", Service Industries Journal, The, January 10(2): 336 - 347.
  • Haywood-Farmer, J. S.; Hill, N. F., 1989, "The Impact of CAD on Consulting Engineering Firms: A Survey of CAD Users and Non-users", Service Industries Journal, The, January 9(4): 70 - 89.
  • Haywood-Farmer, J. S.; Sharman, T.; Weinbrecht, M. S., 1988, "Using simple simulation models to manage sports services", Journal of Sport Management, January 2(2): 118 - 128.
  • Haywood-Farmer, J. S., 1988, "A Conceptual Model of Service Quality", International Journal of Operations and Production Management, January 8(6): 19 - 29.
  • Chelladurai, P.; Scott, F. L.; Haywood-Farmer, J. S., 1987, "Dimensions of Fitness Services: Development of a Model", Journal of Sport Management, December 1(2): 159 - 172.
  • Haywood-Farmer, J. S.; Leenders, M. R., 1986, "Psychological Need Profiles of Purchasers", International Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management, January 22(4): 23 - 29.
  • Haywood-Farmer, J. S.; Malkus, H.; Battiste, M. A., 1972, "Synthesis and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Some Bridge Polyhydromethanonaphthalenes. Bridge Proton Assignments", Journal of the American Chemical Society, December 94: 2209 - 2218.
  • Haywood-Farmer, J. S.; Pincock, R. E.; Wells, J. I., 1966, "Synthesis and Reactivity of Some 8-Substituted Tricyclo[,4Octane Derivatives ", Tetrahedron, December 22(7): 2007 - 2014.

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  • Associate Professor, Ivey Business School, Western University (1989-2010).
  • Assistant Professor, Ivey Business School, Western University (1981-1989).
  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. (1977-1980).
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, Quebec (1969-1975).

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