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Klaus Meyer

Professor, International Business

William G. Davis Chair in International Trade

Klaus Meyer

Contact Information


  • International Business
  • Global strategy
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Internationalization processes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Foreign entry strategies
  • Impact of foreign investment on host economies
  • Institutional theory
  • Emerging economies
  • Multinational enterprises from emerging economies
  • China
  • Europe

Research Publications

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Klaus E. Meyer is Professor of International Business at Ivey Business School. He joined in 2017 after six years at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai.

Professor Meyer is a leading scholar in the field of international business conducting research on the strategies of multinational enterprises (MNEs), especially foreign entry strategies, in emerging economies, especially Eastern Europe and East Asia. A central theme of his research is the influence of local contexts on the strategies and operations of MNEs operating in emerging economies. Recent work is investigating the strategies of MNEs originating from emerging economies, in particular China, and how their origins shape their international growth strategies.

He has published over 80 articles in leading scholarly journals, in particular in Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal and Journal of Management Studies, and he published nine books, including the textbook “International Business” (with Mike Peng, published by Cengage Learning, 3rd ed., 2019). He is serving as Area Editor of the Journal of International Business Studies since July 2016. In 2012-2014, he was Vice President of the AIB and chaired the 2014 AIB conference in Vancouver, Canada.


  • Internationalization (MSc)
  • Competing in and with China (MSc)
  • Global Strategy (EMBA)
  • China Discovery Expedition (EMBA)


  • PhD, London Business School
  • MSc, Göttingen

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Rungsithong, R.; Meyer, K. E., (Forthcoming), "Affect-based dimensions of trust: a study of buyer-supplier relationships in Thai manufacturing", Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing
  • Li, C.; Meyer, K. E., (Forthcoming), "All politics starts local: Liability of stateness and subnational labor markets", Global Strategy Journal
  • Li, C.; Ahn, J.; Bu, J.; Meyer, K. E., 2023, "The value of publishing in JIBS", Journal of International Business Studies, December 54(9): 1688 - 1699.
  • Lunnan, R.; Meyer, K. E.; Mudambi, R.; Yang, Q., 2023, "The impact of knowledge and financial resource flows for MNE strategy: A typology of subsidiary roles", International Business Review, December 32(6): 102190 - 102190.
  • Meyer, K. E., 2023, "The Digital Multinational: Navigating the new normal in global business", Journal of International Business Studies, August 54: 1170 - 1174.
  • Meyer, K. E.; Li, J.; Brouthers, K. D.; Jean, R-J. B., 2023, "International business in the digital age: Global strategies in a world of national institutions", Journal of International Business Studies, June 54(4): 577 - 598.
  • Meyer, K. E.; Fang, T.; Panibratov, A. Y.; Peng, M. W.; Gaur, A., 2023, "International Business Under Sanctions", Journal of World Business, February 58(2)
  • Andrews, D. S.; Meyer, K. E., 2023, "How much does host country matter, really?", Journal of World Business, February 58(2)
  • Meyer, K. E., 2022, "India and China: Distinct Paths to Global Businesses", Management and Organization Review, December 18(6): 1235 - 1241.
  • Li, Y.; Cui, L.; Meyer, K. E.; Fan, D., 2022, "Strategic Configurations and International Performance of Emerging Economy Multinationals", Management and Organization Review
  • Aguinis, H.; Audretsch, D. B.; Flammer, C.; Meyer, K. E.; Peng, M. W.; Teece, D. J., 2022, "Bringing the Manager Back Into Management Scholarship", Journal of Management, September 48(7): 1849 - 1857.
  • Meyer, K. E.; Li, C., 2022, "The MNE and its subsidiaries at times of global disruptions: An international relations perspective", Global Strategy Journal, August 12(3): 555 - 577.
  • Meyer, K. E.; Prashantham, S.; Xu, S., 2021, "Entrepreneurship and the Post-COVID-19 Recovery in Emerging Economies", Management and Organization Review, December 17(5): 1101 - 1118.
  • Tan, D.; Meyer, K. E., 2021, "Context-bridging and Context-embedded Experience: Growth Drivers of Emerging Economy Business Groups", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, June 38: 401 - 434.
  • Schotter, A.; Meyer, K. E.; Wood, G., 2021, "Organizational and comparative institutionalism in international HRM: Toward an integrative research agenda", Human Resource Management, January 60(1): 205 - 227.

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Work in Progress

  • Multinational enterprises from emerging economies

Honours & Awards

  • Fellow, Academy of International Business
  • Decade Award Winner, Journal of International Business Studies, 2015


  • Professor, China Europe International Business School, Shanghai, China (2011-2017)
  • Professor, University of Bath (2007-2001)
  • Professor, University of Reading (2005-2007)
  • Professor, Copenhagen Business School (1997-2005)
  • Visiting Scholar, National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan (2005)
  • Visiting Scholar, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2001)

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