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L.J. (Larry) Menor

Associate Professor, Operations Management

L.J. (Larry) Menor

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  • Operations Management
  • Operations Strategy
  • Empirical Research Methods
  • Service Management
  • Service and Product Development

Research Publications

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Larry Menor is an Associate Professor at the Ivey Business School. He received his doctorate from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Professor Menor's research interests focus primarily on relevant service system management and operations strategy issues, and are cross-disciplinary in nature. His conceptual and empirical insights on new service development, in particular, have contributed to advancing scholarly theory and understanding in the service operations and services marketing disciplines, and has also informed management practice. Among his current research efforts, he is actively involved as Principal (and sole) Investigator in a three-year project titled "Innovating the Arts and Cultural Organization: An Examination of North American Orchestras". This project allows Larry to examine a topic of both research and personal interest, and is his second SSHRC funded study. He is also actively engaged in contributing to the advancement of IBM's Service Science initiative.

Professor Menor's research has garnered a number of accolades, and is published in top-tier academic journals such as Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Service Research, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, and Production and Operations Management, and managerial outlets such as the Ivey Business Journal. Professor Menor currently serves as a Senior Editor for Production and Operations Management  and Associate Editor for Decision Sciences and  Journal of Operations Management. He also currently serves or has served on the Editorial Review Boards for Service Industries Journal, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management and Academy of Management Review. He served as a Board Member of the Production and Operations Management Society.

Professor Menor has written a number of widely used teaching cases including "The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra" and "Dabbawallahs of Mumbai (A) and (B)", and co-edited (with Professor Robert Klassen) the Sage Publication book titled Cases on Operations Management.


  • Operations Management, HBA, MBA, EMBA
  • Management of Services, MBA
  • Project Management, MBA


  • PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • MBA, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • BA, University of Washington

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Naranjo Holguin, F.; Menor, L. J.; Johnson, P. F., 2023, "Lean Supply Chain Management: A Contextual Contingent Reconceptualization and Delphi Method Study", International Journal of Operations & Production Management
  • Suurmond, R.; Menor, L. J.; Wynstra, F., 2022, "Examining service triad operations: Formation, functioning, and feedback exchanges", Production and Operations Management, August 31(8): 3352 - 3370.
  • Victorino, L.; Field, J. M.; Buell, R. W.; Dixon, M. J.; Meyer Goldstein, S.; Menor, L. J.; Pullman, M. E.; Roth, A. V.; Secchi, E.; Zhang, J. J., et al., 2018, "Service operations: what have we learned?", Journal of Service Management, January 29(1): 39 - 54.
  • Field, J. M.; Victorino, L.; Buell, R. W.; Dixon, M. J.; Meyer Goldstein, S.; Menor, L. J.; Pullman, M. E.; Roth, A. V.; Secchi, E.; Zhang, J. J., et al., 2018, "Service operations: what’s next?", Journal of Service Management, January 29(1): 55 - 97.
  • Hendricks, K. B.; Hora, M.; Menor, L. J.; Wiedman, C. I., 2012, "Adoption of the Balanced Scorecard: A Contingency Variables Analysis", Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, June 29(2): 124 - 138.
  • Cho, J. Y. K.; Menor, L. J., 2012, "A Complementary Resource Bundle As An Antecedent of E-Channel Success in Small Retail Service Providers", Journal of Service Research, February 15(1): 111 - 125.
  • Sampson, S. E.; Menor, L. J., 2010, "Why We Need a Service Logic: A Comparative Review", Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, July 15(3): 18 - 33.
  • Cho, J. Y. K.; Menor, L. J., 2010, "Towards a Provider-Based View on the Design and Delivery of Quality E-Service Encounters", Journal of Service Research, February 13(1): 83 - 95.
  • Menor, L. J.; Roth, A. V., 2008, "New Service Development Competence and Performance: An Empirical Investigation in Retail Banking", Production and Operations Management, May 17(3): 267 - 284.
  • Menor, L. J.; Kristal, M.; Rosenzweig, E. D., 2007, "Examining the Influence of Operational Intellectual Capital on Capabilities and Performance", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, December 9(4): 559 - 578.
  • Klassen, R. D.; Menor, L. J., 2007, "The Process Management Triangle: An Empirical Investigation of Process Trade-offs", Journal of Operations Management, August 25(5): 1015 - 1034.
  • Menor, L. J.; Roth, A. V., 2007, "New Service Development Competence in Retail Banking: Construct Development and Measurement Validation", Journal of Operations Management, May 25(4): 825 - 846.
  • Roth, A. V.; Menor, L. J., 2003, "Insights into Service Operations Management: A Research Agenda", Production and Operations Management, October 12(2): 145 - 163.
  • Menor, L. J.; Tatikonda, M. V.; Sampson, S. E., 2002, "New Service Development: Areas for Exploitation and Exploration", Journal of Operations Management, January 20(2): 135 - 157.
  • Menor, L. J.; Roth, A. V.; Mason, C. H., 2001, "Agility in Retail Banking: A Numerical Taxonomy of Strategic Service Groups", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, January 3(4): 273 - 292.

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Research/Course Development

  • New Service Development/Service Innovation
  • E-Service Design and Delivery
  • Evolution of Service (Operational)
  • Systems and Strategies
  • Servitization

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