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Laurel Austin

Associate Professor, Management Science

Laurel Austin

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  • Behavioural Insights
  • Risk Management
  • Decision Analysis
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Risk Communication
  • Medical Decision Making
  • Consumer Insurance Behaviour

Laurel Austin is an Associate Professor in Management Science. She uses behavioural and decision science methods to study individual decision making under risk and uncertainty. She uses this knowledge to develop communications and other interventions to improve peoples’ decision making and risk management. She is currently studying the shift to digital decision aids and virtual medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic, funded by a Western University Catalyst grant.  Funded by SSHRC, she is also examining youth and young adult vaping decisions, currently focused on how the pandemic has impacted vaping behaviours. She teaches courses on decision making and risk management in organizations at the HBA, MSc and MBA levels.

Prior to joining Ivey, Laurel was an Associate Professor of Strategic Decision Making and Risk Management at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. She has published research on medical decision making, insurance decisions and behaviour, occupational safety, computer supported group decision making, and adolescent risk decisions. She earned her PhD in Management and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, and an MSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering at University of Michigan.


  • Ivey Field Project (HBA)
  • Decision Making and Risk Management (HBA)
  • Risk Management in Organizations (MSc and MBA)


  • Ph.D.,Management and Decision Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University
  • M.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan
  • B.S., Industrial Engineering, Northwestern University

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Kfrerer, M.; Zheng, K. Z.; Austin, L. A., 2024, "From 0 to 50 in pandemic, and then back? A case study of virtual care in Ontario pre, during, and post-COVID-19.", Mayo Clinic Proceedings, March 2(1): 57 - 66.
  • Ziebart, C.; Kfrerer, M. L.; Stanley, M.; Austin, L. A., 2023, "A Digital-First Health Care Approach to Managing Pandemics: Scoping Review of Pandemic Self-triage Tools", J Med Internet Res, May 25: e40983 - e40983.
  • Austin, L. A.; Kovacs, D.; Thorne, S.; Moody, J. R. K., 2020, "Using grounded theory and mental modeling to understand influences on electricians’ safety decisions: Toward an integrated theory of why electricians work energized", Safety Science, October 130
  • Austin, L. A., 2019, "Physician and Non-physician Estimates of Positive Predictive Value in Diagnostic Versus Mass Screening Mammography: An Examination of Bayesian Reasoning", Medical Decision Making, January 39(2): 108 - 118.
  • Austin, L. A.; Reventlow, S.; Sandøe, P.; Brodersen, J., 2013, "The Structure of Medical Decisions: Probability, Uncertainty and Risk in Five Common Choice Situations", Health, Risk & Society, April 15(1): 27 - 50.
  • Austin, L. A.; Fischhoff, B., 2012, "Injury Prevention Risk Communication: A Mental Models Approach", Injury Prevention, November 18(2): 124 - 129.
  • Austin, L. A.; Fischhoff, B., 2010, "Consumers’ Collision Insurance Decisions: A Mental Models Approach to Theory Evaluation", Journal of Risk Research, October 13(7): 895 - 911.
  • Austin, L. A.; Liker, J.; McLeod, P., 1993, "Who Controls the Technology in Group Support Systems? Determinants and Consequences", Human-Computer Interaction, September 8(3): 217 - 236.
  • Beyth-Marom, R.; Austin, L. A.; Fischhoff, B.; Palmgren, C.; Jacobs-Quadrel, M., 1993, "Perceived consequences of risky behaviors: Adults and adolescents.", Developmental Psychology, May 29(3): 549 - 563.
  • Horton, M.; Rogers, P.; Austin, L. A.; McCormick, M., 1991, "Exploring the Impact of Face-to-Face Collaborative Technology on Group Writing", Journal of Management Information Systems, December 8(3): 27 - 48.

For more publications please see our Research Database

Honours & Awards

  • Outstanding New Case Writer Award, international competition organized by the Case Centre (2015). For teaching case UCSD: A cancer cluster in the literature building? Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School
  • Editor’s Choice Article. Austin, Laurel C. and Baruch Fischhoff. (2012). Injury Prevention Risk Communication: A Mental Models Approach. Injury Prevention. 18(2), 124-129.

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