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Mark Vandenbosch

Professor Emeritus, Marketing

M. (Mark)  Vandenbosch

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  • Advanced Technology Marketing
  • Strategic Market Planning
  • Customer Interface Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • New Product Development
  • Marketing Models
  • Loyalty

Research Publications

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Mark Vandenbosch earned his BA, Honors Business Administration from Western University and his PhD from the University of British Columbia. He has held visiting professorships at IMD in Switzerland and INSEAD in France.

Vandenbosch's research interests centre around competitive strategy, product management and marketing research. His work has appeared in Marketing Science, Organization Science, Information Systems Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Retailing, Marketing Letters, Journal of Business Research and MIT Sloan Management Review. He has also written numerous cases on issues concerned with competitive analysis, strategy market planning, advanced technology marketing and business-to-business marketing.

Vandenbosch has acted as a consultant in marketing research and marketing strategy to a number of leading companies including Tetra Pak, National Semiconductor, Hewlett Packard, Allied Signal, Bank of Montreal, Medtronic and Nestlé. He has taught on in-company programs for, among others, Tetra Pak, Loyalty One, Cisco Systems, Pirelli, Sony, Canon, ABB, IBM, Allianz, Aegon, SEB Swedbank, Nestlé, TetraPak, 3M, and National Semiconductor.


  • Marketing Management
  • Competition and Competitive Analysis


  • BA, Hons Bus - Western University
  • PhD, University of British Columbia

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Nastasoiu, A.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2019, "Competing with loyalty: How to design successful customer loyalty reward programs", Business Horizons, March 62(2): 207 - 214.
  • Nastasoiu, M-A.; Bendle, N. T.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2019, "Improving Measurement With Big Data: Variety-Seeking And Survival", Applied Marketing Analytics, January 4(3): 253 - 263.
  • Malthouse, E. C.; Calder, B. J.; Kim, S. J.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2016, "Evidence that user-generated content that produces engagement increases purchase behaviours", Journal of Marketing Management, October 32(5-6): 427 - 444.
  • Bendle, N. T.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2014, "Competitor Orientation and the Evolution of Business Markets", Marketing Science, November 33(6): 781 - 795.
  • Mark, T.; Lemon, K.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2014, "Customer Migration Patterns: Evidence form a North American Retailer", Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, June 22(3): 251 - 270.
  • Mark, T.; Lemon, K.; Vandenbosch, M. B.; Bulla, J.; Maruotti, A., 2013, "Capturing the Evolution of CustomerFirm Relationships: How Customers Become More (or Less) Valuable Over Time", Journal of Retailing, October 89(3): 231 - 245.
  • Dolansky, E.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2013, "Price Sequences, Perceived Variability and Choice", Journal of Product and Brand Management, July 22(4): 314 - 321.
  • Dolansky, E.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2012, "Perceived Variance and Preference for Sequences of Outcomes", Journal of Product and Brand Management, July 21(4): 285 - 292.
  • Vandenbosch, M. B.; Sapp, S., 2010, "Opportunism knocks", MIT Sloan Management Review, September 52(1): 17 - 19.
  • Fisher, R. J.; Vandenbosch, M. B.; Antia, K. D., 2008, "An Empathy-Helping Perspective on Consumers' Responses to Fund-Raising Appeals", Journal of Consumer Research, October 35(3): 519 - 531.
  • Barclay, D. W.; Deutscher, T. H.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2007, "Business Marketing in Master's Programs: A Part of the Fabric", Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, January 14(1): 31 - 52.
  • Dawar, N.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2004, "The seller's hidden advantage", MIT Sloan Management Review, December 45(2): 83 - 88.
  • Vandenbosch, M. B.; Clift, T. B., 2002, "Dramatically Reducing Cycle-Times Through Flash Development", Long Range Planning, December 35(6): 567 - 589.
  • Vandenbosch, M. B.; Dawar, N., 2002, "Beyond better products: Capturing value in customer interactions", MIT Sloan Management Review, June 43(4): 35 - 42.
  • Plouffe, C. R.; Vandenbosch, M. B.; Hulland, J. S., 2001, "Intermediating Technologies and Multi-Group Adoption: A Comparison of Consumer and Merchant Adoption Intentions Toward a New Electronic Payment System", Journal of Product Innovation Management, January 18(2): 65 - 81.

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  • Visiting Professor, IMD, Switzerland, 2000-2001
  • Visiting Professor, INSEAD, France, 1997

Research/Course Development

  • Advanced Technology Marketing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Loyalty

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