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Martha Maznevski

Professor, Organizational Behaviour

Martha Maznevski

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  • Global teams
  • Global leadership
  • Culture & Identity
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Research Publications

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Martha Maznevski is Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Faculty Director for Executive Education at Ivey. She is an expert in global teams, global leadership, culture and identity, and empowering individual differences. She has published widely on these topics in academic and management arenas, and also works closely with leaders and their companies around the world on innovative approaches to leadership at all levels in today’s highly complex global environment.

Dr. Maznevski completed her Ph.D. at Ivey with research on multicultural teams, and has expanded that research stream throughout her career. She publishes the popular textbook International Management Behavior, now in its 7th edition, with Ivey professors emeriti H. Lane and J. DiStefano. Her research has been published in leading journals including Journal of International Business Studies and Strategic Management Journal. Her current research unlocks the performance dynamics of lateral teams – teams that coordinate across multi-unit organizations such as global key account teams or matrixed product or function groups. 

Prior to joining Ivey as a Professor, Dr. Maznevski served fifteen years as Professor at IMD (Institute for Management Development) in Switzerland. She developed, directed, and taught in open and custom executive education programs for senior leaders, including CEOs, from a wide range of industries and in countries around the world. She also directed IMD’s globally top-ranked MBA program. Prior to IMD, she was an Assistant Professor at University of Virginia. She has served as a consultant and advisor to public and private organizations in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia on challenges and opportunities of managing people globally, and she works frequently with global humanitarian and conservation NGOs.


  • Leading People in Organizations (HBA)
  • Global Management Practices (MSc)


  • B.A. (Hon) Western University, Anthropology & Linguistics
  • B.Ed. University of Toronto
  • Ph.D. Western University, Business Administration (Organizational Behaviour)

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Stahl, G. K.; Maznevski, M. L., 2021, "Unraveling the effects of cultural diversity in teams: A retrospective of research on multicultural work groups and an agenda for future research", Journal of International Business Studies, February 52(1): 4 - 22.
  • Osland, J. S.; Menhenhall, M. E.; Reiche, B.; Szkudlarek, R.; Bolden, R.; Courtice, V.; Vaiman, M.; Vaiman, D.; Lyndgaard, K.; Nielsen, K., et al., 2020, "Perspectives on global leadership and the Covid-19 crisis", Advances in Global Leadership, October 13: 3 - 56.
  • Ikegami, J. J.; Maznevski, M. L., 2019, "Revisiting Carlos Ghosn’s leadership style: Making sense of his fall from power", Advances in Global Leadership, November 12: 3 - 21.
  • Ikegami, J.; Maznevski, M. L.; Ota, M., 2017, "Creating the asset of foreignness: Schrödinger’s cat and lessons from the Nissan revival", Cross Cultural and Strategic Management, March 24(1): 55 - 77.
  • Shaner, J.; Maznevski, M. L., 2011, "The relationship between networks, institutional development, and performance in foreign investments", Strategic Management Journal, May 32(5): 556 - 568.
  • Jonsen, K.; Maznevski, M. L.; Schneider, S. C., 2011, "Diversity and its not so diverse literature: An international perspective", International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, April 11(1): 35 - 62.
  • Jonsen, K.; Maznevski, M. L.; Schneider, S. C., 2010, "Gender differences in leadership believing is seeing: implications for managing diversity", Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, December 29(6): 549 - 572.
  • Stahl, G. K.; Makela, K.; Zander, K.; Maznevski, M. L., 2010, "A look at the bright side of multicultural team diversity", Scandinavian Journal of Management, December 26(4): 439 - 447.
  • Stahl, G. K.; Maznevski, M. L.; Voigt, A.; Jonsen, K., 2010, "Unraveling the effects of cultural diversity in teams: A meta-analysis of research on multicultural work groups", Journal of International Business Studies, May 41(4): 690 - 709.
  • Thomas, D.; Stahl, G.; Ravlin, E.; Poelmans, S.; Pekerti, A.; Maznevski, M. L.; Lazarova, M.; Elron, E.; Ekelund, B.; Cerdin, J. L., et al., 2008, "Cultural Intelligence Domain and Assessment", International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, August 8(2): 123 - 144.
  • Prime, J.; Jonsen, K.; Carter, N.; Maznevski, M. L., 2008, "Managers’ perceptions of women and men leaders: A cross cultural comparison", International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, July 8(2): 171 - 210.
  • Maznevski, M. L.; Athanassiou, N. A., 2006, "Guest editors' introduction to the focused issue: A new direction for global teams research", Management International Review, January 46(6): 631 - 646.
  • Maznevski, M. L.; DiStefano, J. J.; Gomez, C. B.; Noorderhaven,, N. G.; Wu, P. C., 2002, "Cultural Dimensions at the Individual Level of Analysis: The Cultural Orientations Framework.", International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, December 2(3): 275 - 295.
  • Harzing, A. W.; Maznevski, M. L., 2002, "The interaction between language and culture: A test of the cultural accommodation hypothesis in seven countries", Language and Intercultural Communication, March 2(2): 120 - 139.
  • Maznevski, M. L.; Kemp, R. S.; Overstreet, G. A., 2001, "The power to borrow and lend: Investigating the cultural context as part of the lending decision", Journal of the Operational Research Society, September 52(9): 1045 - 1056.

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Work in Progress

  • Maznevski, M.L. Shaping Emergent Interdependence in Lateral Teams: When the Leader's Toolbox Has No Hammer
  • Ikegami, J.J., Maznevski, M.L. & Ota, M. How do MNEs leverage foreignness as an asset? A field study of Nissan`s leadership


  • Professor, IMD 2001-2016 (Director, MBA Program, 2009-2013; Director, Program for Executive Education, 2006-2008)
  • Assistant Professor, University of Virginia, 1994-2001

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