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Miranda R. Goode

Associate Professor, Marketing

R.A. Barford Professorship in Marketing Communications

Miranda R. Goode

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  • Consumer Learning and Emotions
  • New Product Adoption
  • Experiential Consumption

Research Publications

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Dr. Miranda Goode is the R.A. Barford Professor of Marketing Communications. Dr. Goode's research focuses on consumer learning, emotions, and well-being in domains related to money, consumer debt, and experiential consumption. Her research has been awarded ~ $825,000 in external funding and is published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Science, Psych & Marketing and featured in the Toronto Star, New York Times, Boston Globe, Star Tribune, CBC, and Global News. Dr. Goode has authored several business cases, including the bestselling, “Aspire Food Group: Marketing a Cricket Protein Brand,” and teaches courses on Marketing Management, Consumer Insights, and Consumer Behavior in undergraduate, graduate, and executive programs.

Programs Taught

  • Executive Education


  • PhD, Marketing
  • BSc
  • BMgt

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Jurewicz., Z.; Goode, M. R.; Thomson, M., 2024, "A tonic for the highly stressed: Memories of extraordinary group experiences lead to greater cohesion and well-being", Journal of Business Research, February 172: 114426 - 114426.
  • Moorhouse, M.; Goode, M. R.; Cotte, J.; Widney, J., 2023, "Helping Those That Hide: Anticipated Stigmatization Drives Concealment and a Destructive Cycle of Debt", Journal of Marketing Research, December 60(6): 1135 - 1153.
  • Lawlor, A.; Girard, T.; Wodnicki, P.; Goode, M. R., 2023, "Crisis management: personal financial well-being and public attitudes toward government intervention", International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, August 43(0): 777 - 794.
  • Whelan, J.; Goode, M. R., 2022, "Reminders of money increase patient empowerment", Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences-Revue Canadienne Des Sciences De L Administration, March 39(1): 64 - 80.
  • Castelo, N.; White, K.; Goode, M. R., 2021, "Nature Promotes Self-Transcendence and Prosocial Behavior", Journal Of Environmental Psychology, August 76
  • Goode, M. R.; Iwasa-Madge, D., 2019, "The numbing effect of mortality salience in consumer settings", Psychology and Marketing, June 36(6): 630 - 641.
  • Whelan, J.; Goode, M. R.; Cotte, J.; Thomson, M., 2016, "Consumer Regulation Strategies: Attenuating the Effect of Consumer References in a Voting Context", Psychology & Marketing, October 33(11): 899 - 916.
  • Goode, M. R.; Hart, K.; Thomson, M., 2016, "Say no more The liability of strong ties on desire for special experiences", Journal of Consumer Psychology, January 26(1): 91 - 97.
  • Goode, M. R.; Dahl, D. W.; Moreau, C. P., 2013, "Innovation Aesthetics: The Relationship between Category Cues, Categorization Certainty and Newness Perceptions", Journal of Product Innovation Management, March 30(2): 192 - 208.
  • Noseworthy, T. J.; Goode, M. R., 2011, "Contrasting Rule-Based and Similarity-Based Category Learning: The Effects of Mood and Prior Knowledge on Ambiguous Categorization", Journal of Consumer Psychology, July 21(3): 362 - 371.
  • Goode, M. R.; Dahl, D. W.; Moreau, C. P., 2010, "The Effect of Experiential Analogies on Consumer Perceptions and Attitudes", Journal of Marketing Research, April 47(2): 274 - 286.
  • Vohs, K. D.; Mead, N. L.; Goode, M. R., 2008, "Merely Activating the Concept of Money Changes Personal and Interpersonal Behaviour", Current Directions in Psychological Science, June 17(3): 208 - 212.
  • Vohs, K. D.; Mead, N. L.; Goode, M. R., 2006, "The Psychological Consequences of Money", Science, November 314(5802): 1154 - 1156.

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  • Marketing Manager, SciMed Laboratories Inc.
  • Consulting

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