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Simon C. Parker

Professor, Entrepreneurship

Director, Entrepreneurship Cross-Enterprise Centre
Faculty Scholar, Western University
J. Allyn Taylor/Arthur H. Mingay Chair

Simon C. Parker

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  • Entrepreneurship As An Occupational Choice
  • Nascent Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship
  • Female Entrepreneurship

Research Publications

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Dr. Parker is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Ivey Business School. He joined Ivey in 2008 after a sabbatical at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Dr Parker is a Field Editor at the Journal of Business Venturing and a Co-Editor at the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy. He has published over 90 peer-reviewed articles in economics, entrepreneurship and management journals, and is the author of The Economics of Entrepreneurship (Cambridge University Press, 2nd Edition 2018). He was as advisor to the OECD on entrepreneurship and SME public policy in Italy in 2013 and Canada in 2015, and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences and workshops. He also regularly leads doctoral training seminars at universities in the US, UK and Europe.

Dr. Parker published about two case cases on entrepreneurship every year, with a particular interest in the challenges and strategies associated with Internet-based start-ups, including their use of social media. His recent cases illustrate bootstrapping in an Ottawa-based venture, Lightenco; entrepreneurial leadership in a management buyout from DuPont, DSS; and social influencer marketing in Toronto-based Viral Nation, which is North America’s leading influencer marketing agency.


  • EMBA New Venture Creation


  • BSc, Economics - Wales
  • PhD, Economics - Durham

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Seong, M.; Parker, S. C., 2024, "Does gendered wording in job advertisements deter women from joining start‐ups? A replication and extension of Gaucher, Friesen, and Kay (2011)", Strategic entrepreneurship journal, June 18(2): 286 - 305.
  • Parker, S. C., 2024, "Democracy, corruption, and endogenous entrepreneurship policy", Public Choice, March 198: 361 - 376.
  • Parker, S. C.; Åstebro, T.; Audretsch, D. B.; Blackburn, R.; Burke, A.; Coad, A.; Cowling, M.; Davidsson, P.; Fritsch, M.; Greene, F., et al., 2024, "Remembering David J Storey, a pioneer of the entrepreneurship field", Small Bus Econ, January 62(1): 1 - 21.
  • Chung, S. H. D.; Parker, S. C., 2023, "Founder affiliations: jobseeker reactions and impact on employee recruitment by start-up ventures", Small Business Economics, June 61(1): 259 - 283.
  • Parker, S. C., (Forthcoming), "Overcoming internal barriers to new venture growth: The role of employee motivations", Journal of Small Business Management
  • Plummer, L. A.; Parker, S. C.; Reyes, S., 2022, "Regional Path Breaking: The Role of Industry Switching, Industry Diversity, and New Knowledge in New Venture Exit", Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, September 46(5): 1231 - 1255.
  • Kim, N. K.; Parker, S. C., 2021, "Entrepreneurial homeworkers", Small Business Economics, October 57(3): 1427 - 1452.
  • Sewaid, A.; Parker, S. C.; Kaakeh, A., 2021, "Explaining Serial Crowdfunders’ Dynamic Fundraising Performance", JOURNAL OF BUSINESS VENTURING, July 36(4)
  • Suàrez, J-L.; White, R. E.; Parker, S. C.; Jimenez-Mavillard, A., 2021, "Entrepreneurship bias and the mass media: Evidence from big data", Academy of Management Discoveries, June 7(2): 247 - 265.
  • Masucci, M.; Parker, S. C.; Brusoni, S.; Camerani, R., 2021, "How are corporate ventures evaluated and selected?", Technovation
  • Gamble, E.; Parker, S. C.; Moroz, P., 2020, "Measuring the Integration of Social and Environmental Missions in Hybrid Organizations", Journal of Business Ethics, November 167(2): 271 - 284.
  • Rosendahl Huber, L.; Sloof, R.; Van Praag, M.; Parker, S. C., 2020, "Diverse cognitive skills and team performance: A field experiment based on an entrepreneurship education program", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, September 177: 569 - 588.
  • Parker, S. C.; Gamble, E.; Moroz, P. W.; Branzei, O., 2019, "The Impact of B Lab Certification on Firm Growth", Academy of Management Discoveries, March 5(1): 55 - 77.
  • Branzei, O.; Parker, S. C.; Moroz, P. W.; Gamble, E., 2018, "Going pro-social: Extending the individual-venture nexus to the collective level", Journal of Business Venturing, September 33(5): 551 - 565.
  • Parker, S. C., 2018, "Entrepreneurship and economic theory", Oxford Review of Economic Policy, September 34(4): 540 - 564.

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  • Judge of the Entrepreneurship Division NFIB Dissertation Award, Academy of Management
  • Member of DRUID's International Scientific Advisory Committee
  • External contributor to University of Louisville, KY, PhD in Entrepreneurship program
  • Co-Director of the 2014 Babson conference held at London, ON

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