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Terry Deutscher

Professor Emeritus

T. (Terry) Deutscher

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  • Innovation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Technology
  • New Product Introduction

Terry Deutscher is a professor emeritus of marketing at the Ivey Business School.


  • BSc.Eng, Alberta
  • MBA, Stanford
  • PhD, Stanford

Recent Refereed Articles

  • Barclay, D. W.; Deutscher, T. H.; Vandenbosch, M. B., 2007, "Business Marketing in Master's Programs: A Part of the Fabric", Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, January 14(1): 31 - 52.
  • Deutscher, T. H.; Marshall, J.; Burgoyne, D. G., 1982, "The Process of Obtaining New Accounts", Industrial Marketing Management, July 11(3): 173 - 181.
  • Day, G. S.; Deutscher, T. H., 1982, "Attitudinal Prediction of Choices of Major Appliance Brands", Journal of Marketing Research, May 19(2): 192 - 198.
  • Hansen, R. A.; Deutscher, T. H., 1978, "An Empirical Investigation of Attribute Importance in Retail Store Selection", Journal of Retailing, December 53(4): 59 - 72.
  • Hansen, R. A.; Deutscher, T. H.; Berkowitz, E. N., 1977, "Institutional positioning: A dynamic concept for retailing strategy", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, August 5(3): 185 - 194.
  • Day, G. S.; Ryans, A. B.; Deutscher, T. H., 1976, "Data Quality, Level of Aggregation, and Nonmetric Multidimensional Scaling Solutions", Journal of Marketing Research, February 13(1): 92 - 97.
  • Brandt, W. K.; Day, G. S.; Deutscher, T. H., 1975, " Information Disclosure and Consumer Credit Knowledge: A Longitudinal Analysis ", Journal of Consumer Affairs, August 9(1): 15 - 32.

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  • Western University, Ivey Business School. Professor; Director of Research 1981-86; Associate Dean of Human Resources 1987-92; Director of EMBA, Videoconferencing 1994-1999.
  • IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. Visiting Professor (1986-1987)
  • Ohio State University. Assistant Professor (1973-1978)
  • Cornell University. Visiting Assistant Professor (1976-1977)

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