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Tax Savings for U.S. Residents

Under the Canada-United States Income Tax Convention, donations to the Ivey Business School are entitled to a charitable deduction in the United States.  Ivey graduates and their immediate family members (spouse, child, grandchild, parent or sibling) can make their tax-deductible donation directly to the School. 

If you are giving through a Foundation or are required to make a donation to a US entity you can make your tax-deductible donation to our US charitable foundation, The University of Western Ontario Foundation Inc. 

The University of Western Ontario Foundation Inc.
471 North Broadway
Box #156
Jericho, NY 11753-2106

Employee Identification Number (EIN): 13-6620923
Charitable Business Number: 10816 2587 RR0001
Exempt under 501(C)(3) Public Charity
Date of Exemption letter: August 1966

Tax Savings for U.K. Residents

The University of Western Ontario (UK) Foundation will issue a United Kingdom tax receipt for charitable contributions to Ivey.  The UK Foundation replaces the Charities Aid Foundation that was formerly available to receive charitable contributions to Ivey.

When making a contribution, please complete the following forms:

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