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Ivey High School Case Competitions

  • High School Case Competitions

About Ivey

Celebrating 90 years of leadership, the Ivey Business School is widely considered the top business school in Canada and among the best in the world. Ivey’s Honors Business Administration Program gives students the unmatched combination of academic excellence and outstanding opportunity. Ivey students are well-rounded individuals, with strong extracurricular involvement, proven leadership skills and outstanding achievements.

What is the “Case” Method of Learning?

In the case method which Ivey uses for teaching, students are given a case describing a real-world situation in which some type of business problem is being faced. Based on the information provided to them, students must decide what they would do if they were faced with the situation, and what their action plan would be to implement the solution.

Inside the classroom, reviewing a case involves a lot of participation from students. There are no clear-cut answers to cases, so there is thorough discussion of all factors that should be considered in making a decision.

How does the case competition work?

In the Spring of 2023, we hosted our first in-person competitions since 2019. These Case competitions are for High School students living within Canada, specifically targeted toward grade 10 and 11 students. Students applied as individuals and were placed on teams with other students from different high schools. Thank you to all the students that joined us in Vancouver. We are looking forward to hosting students in London, Ontario on May 13, 2023. Registration for all Spring 2023 events is now closed. Keep an eye out for details on Case Competitions for next Winter/Spring 2024.

Who are we looking for?

Students at Ivey come from many different academic fields of study – prior business knowledge is NOT a requirement! We are looking for motivated individuals who are interested in exploring business. Registrants should be high achievers, team players, and involved in extracurricular activities.




  • Students in grades 10 and 11





What we look for in our Case Competition applicants

  • Leadership, Academics and Awards

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