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Blogs · Cheryl Ying Yip and Zameena Lakhani

Enabling innovation in health care

Dec 13, 2016

Health care panel

Panellists left to right: William Charnetski, Laurie Sproule, and Justin Leushner

Passion, embracing opportunities, and taking risks can all foster innovation in health care.

That was the message at a recent Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation event, Enabling innovation in health care in the next five years. Speakers included William Charnetski, Chief Health Innovation Strategist, Government of Ontario; Justin Leushner, VP Operations, TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario; and Laurie Sproule, Leader Strategic Programs, 3M Canada.

In their blog, Cheryl Ying Yip and Zameena Lakhani shared insights from the speakers. Yip is a Master's of Management of Applied Science student and Lakhani is a Medical Sciences student at Western University.

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“Looking at health care from a business perspective promotes strategies that allow for the establishment of efficient, value-based processes,” they wrote. “Disciplines outside of health, including technology and information science, show great promise in building a sustainable health system.”

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