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Michael Rossi, HBA ’98: Value the small things in life

  • Calum Dietzel
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  • Nov 28, 2017
Michael Rossi, HBA ’98: Value the small things in life

Michael Rossi, HBA ’98

Calum Dietzel is an HBA1 student who participated in the Ivey Leaders Forum, which ran Nov. 23-24. He shares insights from Michael Rossi, President of Adidas Canada, on how to be a successful business leader.

When Michael Rossi, HBA ’98, gives leadership advice, people listen.

After all, the president of Adidas Canada has worked for big brands such as Reebok Canada, Nestlé Canada, and NHL Enterprises Canada and been recognized as an emerging talent in sports business.

The insights he provided on how today’s young leaders can be successful in the ever-changing business environment are ones that all students should reflect on as they start professional careers. He shared three pieces of advice at the recent Ivey Leaders Forum:

  • Embrace change – Rossi shared a quotation that I believe truly encapsulates the business world today: “The world is changing faster than ever, but it will never be this slow again.” He used this to remind us that, to achieve success, we as future business leaders must not resist change, but instead embrace it. Actively seeking to hire and work with individuals who think differently, leads to positive change and ultimately makes stronger leaders;
  • Focus on your personal values – He also stressed the importance of having a strong set of personal values and that these values should be mirrored in your business and the work you do. There should be no difference between how you conduct yourself in and out of the workplace and your work should be a reflection of who you are; and,
  • Balance work and life – Rossi also discussed the importance of work-life balance and the fulfillment that comes with achieving both your personal and professional goals.

It’s a good reminder, especially when coming from the president of one of the world’s most well-known brands, that true success is found when you value the little things in life as highly as your career.