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Character and competence essential in academia and beyond

  • Mary Crossan
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  • Feb 9, 2017
Character and competence essential in academia and beyond

Professor Mary Crossan is a Distinguished University Professor and the Paul MacPherson Chair in Strategic Leadership at the Ivey Business School.

The importance of leader character in fostering personal and organizational excellence has gained traction in the business world, but there is still room to consider the benefits of developing and exercising leader character in academia. 

Professor Mary Crossan’s article in Western News explores this important topic.

“Whether in a university setting or in industry, you will need to exercise character and competence to foster excellence in your own work and the work of others,” she said.  “It is important to remember the foundation of the PhD degree – the highest academic degree – is to contribute to society through innovation, discovery and outreach. Developing character alongside competence is critical in this regard.”