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Will Gen Y change branding? Ask Professor Niraj Dawar

Aug 14, 2014

Niraj Dawar2

Ivey Professor Niraj Dawar and branding expert Patricia McQullian spoke to The Globe and Mail about the future of branding.

An excerpt from the interview with Professor Dawar:

"I think consumers’ expectations are going to be a little different. For a long time, during the mass branding era, the role of the brand was to convince the consumer that the feature or the differentiator that it offered was better than that of competitors. Today, I think consumers expect much more than that: They expect a relationship far beyond the transaction, they expect the brand will understand their needs, they expect the brand will respond to their needs, they expect that the brand will remember who they are. Then it becomes a game not just of the next transaction, but of multiple transactions and you can call that a relationship."