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Sharon Irwin-Foulon | Are you ready for an MBA? Credential seekers need not apply

Dec 17, 2015


Why do you want to do an MBA? Business schools are not looking for a cookie-cutter answer; they want you to be discerning, says Sharon Irwin-Foulon, Executive Director of Career Management and Corporate Recruiting at Ivey.

In her first blog in a series for The Huffington Post, Irwin-Foulon shared her top three components to answering the question: Why do you want an MBA?

  • Build on where you have been;
  • Know who has come before you; and
  • Explain where you want to go.

“The best schools want to help you to make the best decision, even if you don't choose them,” said Irwin-Foulon. “Credential collecting is an immature approach to this important decision.”