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Andreas Schotter | Could post-election immigrants bolster Canadian tech?

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  • Nov 15, 2016
Andreas Schotter | Could post-election immigrants bolster Canadian tech?

In the wake of Donald Trump's historic presidential election victory, it seems many Americans are at least kicking around the idea of moving to Canada. Even on election night itself the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website crashed with so many inquiries.

Ivey's Assistant Professor Andreas Schotter, an expert in international business, has offered his opinion on Canadian immigration policy to a number of media outlets recently. 

“(Highly-skilled immigrants) will be net positive contributors to the economy and improve the competitiveness of a lot of Canadian firms and create new jobs by being entrepreneurial,” says Schotter. Plus, highly-skilled workers are higher-income earners, meaning they spend more money on higher-level goods and services boosting the need for jobs in that sphere.

However, in articles in both Yahoo Finance Canada and Metro News Ottawa, Schotter believes there won't be an influx of Americans coming over the border as Canadian immigration rules are quite strict.

“It’s not as easy as many people think. I don’t see this easy transition where we’ll open the flood gates and all these Americans will come over.”