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Glenn Rowe | WhatsApp is giving up on BlackBerry

  • Yahoo! Finance Canada
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  • Mar 3, 2016
Glenn Rowe | WhatsApp is giving up on BlackBerry


Mobile messaging app WhatsApp recently decided to end its support for BlackBerry to focus its efforts on more widely used smartphone platforms. BlackBerry has been criticized for its failure to foresee the success of apps, but since joining the company in 2013 as CEO, John Chen has made progress in B2B marketing for BlackBerry.

Associate Professor Glenn Rowe spoke with Yahoo Finance about BlackBerry’s shifting management strategy and launch of the new BlackBerry Priv, an ultra-secure Android phone.

“When John Chen came in, what he did was look at the consumer business and he basically shut it down,” said Rowe. “He’s maintained BlackBerry’s focus on the B2B type operations and I think that’s been a very wise move.”