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Brandon Schaufele | Assessing economic impact studies

  • Ottawa Citizen
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  • Apr 6, 2017
Brandon Schaufele | Assessing economic impact studies

Economic impact studies are not a simple walk in the park. Assistant Professor Brandon Schaufele gives his insight to the Ottawa Citizen about how complicated it is to conduct a good impact study. The Citizen's piece questions the findings of the National Capital Commission regarding the economic contribution of Gatineau Park, just outside of Ottawa. Schaufele speaks broadly about the challenges these types of studies face.

“In general, it’s very demanding. It’s very challenging to estimate the economic impact of Gatineau Park,” Schaufele says. “Are people coming to the national capital to go to Gatineau Park? Probably some. But not likely most. It’s likely people are coming to see the capital, Parliament Hill, the museums and are also going to Gatineau Park."