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Canadian cities bid for Amazon headquarters

  • The Globe and Mail
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  • Sep 8, 2017
Canadian cities bid for Amazon headquarters

Amazon has sparked a flurry of activity among Canadian cities with the announcement that it is seeking a site for a second so-called headquarters, a massive complex that the giant online retailer says comes with up to 50,000 jobs. 

But the odds of Canadian bidders, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary, winning are low, says Ivey Assistant Professor Davin Raiha in an interview in The Globe and Mail. The tech giant is also expecting big government handouts.

"Amazon has a history of being able to extract a lot in subsidies in almost wherever they go," he says. " … I wouldn't bet on Amazon coming here. I doubt that the offers they will receive from Canada will be especially competitive compared to the ones they will get in the U.S."