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Neil Bendle | Marketing accounts

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  • Apr 5, 2017
Neil Bendle | Marketing accounts

Marketing value is hard to measure, and in many cases, accounts do not capture the value created by marketers at all.

Assistant Professor Neil Bendle's research looks at the relationship between marketing and accounting to assess how marketers can use managerial accounts to measure their value, and create a shared understanding of the importance of marketing processes.

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“I want to ensure we regularize things, know what we want to achieve, and get a consistent process together,” he said. “You come up with a method, use it consistently, and keep it on record so the same method is used each period. No valuation method is perfect, and valuations of marketing assets certainly won’t be, but the basic idea is to leverage the benefits of consistency. Doing the same thing consistently allows companies to record the value of marketing assets going forward and see how this changes over time.”